Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

First off, why did I call this "Self Fulfilling Prophecy?" I don't know. Call it a Holy Spirit thing. Intuition? Honestly, I was told to call this article that, but it has nothing to do with that, really. It has to do with Markethive going viral, exponential growth. And my call out to you to be part of this amazing venture.

I also have to say, I love Markethive, I mean I really love this system, I am passionate about it. It is my life's work, my calling and I know many of you feel the same way. I am humbled the Lord has called me to build it. So there, now you know. OK here is the article I have spent a week writing.

Nice illustration huh? Again doesn't have a lot to do with this article, but then again it does. While writing this article I have also been completing our Pitch Deck, Financials and Business Plan. I have made a ton of Infographics like this as well. All in preperation for Markethive going viral, gaining perspective and acquiring. We are now gaining interest from Angel Investors. We are on our way. So here is the article.

I am calling upon all of you to help propel Markethive exponentially. There are 3 things we need you to do and I am asking you to do this so, I can leverage your assistance to turn Markethive into one giant Entrepreneurial Ecocenter driving huge results, results that will reward every single one of you.

  1. Acquire the Alexa Browser Exchange and log into Markethive every day and post, comment, blog, and register your social accounts.
  2. Make referring 3+ new subscribers to Markethive a daily commitment.
  3. Upgrade to Entrepreneur.  As of this notice, Entrepreneur is now classified Entrepreneur One. Explanation to follow.

Primary Mission: More Customers and More Revenue for you with Markethive
Markethive is a Commerce Platform (look for the coming Store Fronts), an Inbound Marketing platform (nearly identical to Marketo) that recently sold to Adobe for 4.75 billion, an integrated social community (navigation familiar to Facebook and LinkedIn), and a Digital Media Network (like Western Journal, Cointelegraph,  Mashable and Techcrunch) all integrated and fully operational right now.

Alexa Ranking. Credible Traffic 3rd party confirmation:
To help build a solid ecocenter for the entrepreneurs, being able to publically display our traffic with a 3rd party is necessary to establish Markethive’s credibility.  Each member can assist us by installing the free browser extension from Alexa @ We are now approaching 100,000 unique daily visitors. Our internal tracking, Alexa and WorthofWeb all confirm this. These numbers are critical to establish our rates for members to pay for our advertising and marketing services.  Allowing us to reference similar digital media networks like AMBCrypto and Blockonomi .

  1. AMBCrypto Alexa 23,841 : Price: $5,500
  2. Blockonomi Alexa: 54,230 Price:$1,850

Therefore it is to all of ours focus and recognition is that traffic and credibility are the key aspect of our strategy and you can help. BTW: As we continue to develop Markethive’s “Infinity Bounties” Markethive will eventually recognize your Alexa browser extension as you login and give you additional ranking, bounty and advantages in the “Infinity Bounty” program. The core of Infinity Bounties is you registering your social accounts with Markethive and then following Markethive’s social networks. Doing this increases your earnings in the faucet system. There is more to it as well, but that is the foundation of this service, now….

Refer 3 to activate your faucets
Markethive requires you to refer at least 3 people to activate some of our services, particularly the Faucet and the Hive Ranking. The Faucet system is a micropayment system that all Markethive usage like posting, commenting, blogging, emailing, etc. pays you in MHV coin for your activities and other members activity in reaction to your activity (blog swiping, blog subscribing, tipping, etc.). The Hive Ranking rates your activity and popularity and the higher your rank the greater your faucet earnings. So the more you use Markethive and produce quality content the more you make in MHV coins which have value that can be used for Markethive services, exchanged for Bitcoin, sold for fiat, or used at other 3rd party systems, stores and services.

Entrepreneur One Upgrade
The current Entrepreneur Upgrade is the premium highest level you will ever have the opportunity to acquire. It contains all the leveraged advantages you need to accelerate your success in Markethive:

  1. Associates Control Panel: Gain full data, their social networks, verified phone and text, verified email and a contact management system that tracks data, stores dated notes, sends messaging and calendars events reminding actions on your Markethive calendar like call backs, email, etc. with the Associates Control Panel (Part of your Friends section)
  2. Primary Matching Airdrop Bonus: Receive 100% matching bonus from the new registration airdrops. This can be a significant reward for those that aggressively build “associates” the term used for the leads, Markethive provides (profile page and default capture page). Our first infinity airdrop will be 500 coins, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to offer a system as powerful and valuable as the Markethive system that also rewards new members with an immediate 500 coin reward. You can easily promote this and build 1000s of referrals that will add up to significant coins and customers.
  3. Secondary Matching Airdrop Bonus: When your associate customer upgrades to Entrepreneur, we airdrop them 100 coins and you will also receive 100 coins as a matching bonus.
  4. Matching ILP Loyalty Program:  You also get an equal ILP share after 12 months of continuity with the Entrepreneur program. This is only available for the first 1000 Entrepreneur upgrades. What that means….Liken to an ICO, your monthly payment is accrued and if you stay current for 12 straight months, we contribute to you a full 10% ILP and continue to offer this 12 month reward for 10 years or your stop payment. This offer is limited to the first 1000 active upgrades.
  5. Banner Ad Program: You also get unlimited 1st level Banner advertisement in all of our traffic portals and Internet properties. This offer is incredibly valuable. Markethive properties are already receiving significant traffic and as we grow, this traffic is included with this Entrepreneur upgrade.
  6. Press Release Program: Markethive will also be delivering a Press Release system as a hybrid liken to PRNewswire (traditional distribution) to  include Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, CNNMoney, MarketWatch,,, ,  Wired, Tech Crunch, Engadget, Computerworld, CNET News, InformationWeek, R&D Magazine and more in the Tech industry.  Our Media List will be greater than 4000 media organizations, journalists, reporters, bloggers, producers, freelance writers and editors across print, online, blogs, radio and television.

     It will also publish to our growing social network followers (40,000 and growing via MH subscribers) and our growing members WordPress blogs (about 3000 and growing with MH members). When Markethive reaches 1 million members our Social Following is projected to be at (700,000 – 2 million followers total) and about 150,000 WordPress sites. These WordPress sites will be mini news media and vertical news media like along with publication to Markethive’s portfolio of sites like , ,, , and .

    Cointelegraph, a vertical tech news media organization, which charges about $8,500 per release with an Alexa rank (2,646) social followers (1.3 million) and 16,000 subscribers justifies their price. Markethive’s press release will be priced accordingly and increase as our subscribers reach grows.  The second biggest digital news media site to Cointelegraph is CNN with an Alexa rank (10,899) charges $1800 and only posts to their main site front page.

    The Entrepreneur One Upgrade will include one Press Release per month for life as long as your Entrepreneur One Upgrade remains active and current. This does not accumulate. Additional Press releases will be discounted.

  7. Sponsored Article Program: Sponsored content is a piece of brand journalism that lives on a publisher’s website. It’s usually written by the publisher’s staff so the article matches the tone and voice of rest of their content.  Sponsored article are published to the same distribution Markethive articles are published on plus, notification of articles is sent to our social network, and the 1000s of connected WordPress sites. Sponsored articles run from high end media sites like Cointelegraph for $7500 to an average of $1200 for most other media systems in the general markets.
  8. Co-Op Customer Acquisition Program: Markethive strategic campaigns will designate %60 to %80 of our revenue into Marketing and Advertising campaigns.  These campaigns will point to Markethive assets like:

    Traditional Customer Co-Op programs charge $50 to $100 per customer. Cooperative marketing programs foster teamwork between a brand (Markethive) and its channel partners (Markethive Subscribers). Channel partners often don’t have large marketing departments.  Markethive is more equipped to create professional advertisements and deal with media placement. Markethive Entrepreneur Upgrade subscribers create the demand and. Co-op marketing programs take advantage of the sale channel’s local presence. This benefits both the partner and the brand.

  9. Commerce Portals: To sell on our commerce portals, like Big Kahuna (A website builder like WIX), Beelancers (A freelancer service like Freelancers), Markethive Exchange (A full service crypto exchange like you must be an active Entrepreneur One Upgrade to sell or trade. This eliminates processing fees and commissions like found on Freelancers, Upwork, Guru,  etc.  Buyers have no obligation other than free registration with Markethive.  This change in services where it is traditional to be constrained into the platform and pay high processing fees and commissions is eliminated with the Markethive Entrepreneur Upgrade system.
  10. Crowd Funding Portal: If Markethive engages (likely we will) with a crowd funding campaign, promoted to top crowd funding systems like ICOranker, ICObench, Tokentops, and etc. We will be sharing the campaign traffic via all Entrepreneurs through our crowd funding portal @ and giving all Entrepreneur Upgrades their own self replicated portal to help in the campaign. These portals will earn equal matching shadow shares if they bring in new ILP purchases and will also be traffic portals earning new members as well.

So I have to ask, what are you waiting for? And now a word (audio) from the CEO

Thomas Prendergast

Chris Corey

Altcoins Real Dominance Is Only 10 Of The Crypto Market Not 30: New Study Reveals

Altcoins Real Dominance Is Only 10% Of The Crypto Market, Not 30%: New Study Reveals


Bitcoin dominance is the crypto market share of the leading cryptocurrency,

Bitcoin, over the rest of the crypto market. The indicator has been fluctuating between a high of almost 96% in November 2013 and a low of 33.4% recorded in January 2018, during the craziest altcoin season. Following the BItcoin’s Bull Run of 2019, the dominance has risen from 51% at the beginning of the year to nearly 70% as of now. However, a new study suggests that the real dominance of Bitcoin is approximately 90%, a lot more than what we are used to.

Market Dominance Calculated

In order to obtain the percentage of each coin, the circulating supply must be multiplied by the coin’s price and then divided by the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies. Doing this math shows that Bitcoin has always been the most dominant force in the cryptocurrency community. As per Coingecko, Bitcoin’s market dominance today is 68.13%, which is near to the year-to-date high of 69.73%. However, new research by Arcane shows that different numbers may arise when adding trading liquidity to the mix.

90% Bitcoin Dominance

When liquidity is considered as well, Bitcoin’s presence appears to be even more dominant at around 90%. Liquidity is the key to receiving the most accurate market capitalization numbers as per the person who conducted the research – Bendik Schei,

who explains:

“The main reason is that one could easily create a cryptocurrency with 1 billion pre-mined coins, and do one trade at say three dollars each. This would lead to a total market capitalization of $3 billion, which would represent 1% market dominance with today’s valuations and inflate the total market capitalization. The problem is that the calculation does not take liquidity into account. One might be able to sell one token for three dollars, but what happens if you want to sell 1 million? Without accounting for liquidity, market capitalization becomes a meaningless measure.”

What is Left for Altcoins?

By modifying the numbers when liquidity is in the mix, altcoins appear to be in an unenviable position. Even the highest altcoins in regular market capitalization like Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum struggle to achieve 10% combined. Schei also added: “Everyday Bitcoin stays ahead, it becomes less likely that any other cryptocurrency can compete as money.”

Article Produced By
Yordan Lyanchev .

He began writing about blockchain technology in 2017. He has managed numerous crypto-related projects and is passionate about all things blockchain.

Chris Corey

Bitcoin Flashback To Bearish 2018: Is BTC Forming Another Descending Triangle With Target At 6100?

Bitcoin Flashback To Bearish 2018: Is BTC Forming Another Descending Triangle With Target At $6,100?


Bitcoin has been on a rollercoaster over the past few days,

after rebounding at $10,000 only to reach the resistance at $10,800 and rolling over to return down to $10,000, where it traders now.Looking at the Bitcoin weekly chart, we can see that the coin might be forming a descending triangle pattern. The interesting thing to note is that this pattern is remarkably similar to the massive descending triangle seen during most of 2018. The last was finally broken during the middle of November 2018, ignited the gigantic drop from $6,000 to 2018-low at $3,120.

Two Similar Triangles: Different Size

Analyzing the weekly chart above, we can see that Bitcoin has been trading within the triangle over the past few months now. The Bitcoin price had surged from April through June 2019 but had failed to break above the Fibonacci retracement level at the $13,500.
As a reminder, the breakdown of the 2018 triangle resulted in Bitcoin price dropping roughly 45%. Similarly, in the current descending triangle, a breakdown of the bottom of the triangle would technically predict a target of approximately $6,100 (measured as the pole of the triangle) which is roughly a 36% price drop. On the other hand, if the bulls can defend the lower boundary of the triangle and push higher to break above the upper boundary eventually, this pattern will likely to become invalidated.

Bitcoin Short-Term Bearish, But Long-Term (Still) Bullish

Analyzing the daily chart above, we can see that the base of the triangle is marked at the $9,400 region. Bitcoin is currently trading at the $10,000 support level as the buyers battle to remain above. However, it does look to me like the sellers will break beneath to possibly test the lower boundary of the triangle. Before it can reach the lower boundary, the bears will need to break beneath the support at $9,928 which is provided by a .618 Fibonacci Retracement level.
If the sellers can continue to break beneath this, they will also have to contend the support at the 100 day EMA which is just slightly below at the $9,630 level.The lower boundary is further bolstered by a short term downside 1.272 Fibonacci Extension level being located at the same price. If the sellers do break beneath the support at the lower boundary, we can expect immediate further support to be located at $9,196 (downside 1.414 Fib Extension), $9,000 and $8,794.
The technical indicators are all favoring the bearish case at this moment in time as the RSI trades beneath the 50 level, which indicates that the sellers are in control over the market momentum. However, if the bulls can defend the lower boundary of this triangle, this may be enough to bring the RSI back above the 50 level to help turn the market bullish once again.However, keeping in mind Bitcoin going back to $6,100 will still keep Bitcoin bullish when looking on the longer-term analysis. As long as Bitcoin stays above the $3000 – $4000 price area, the market is still on the uptrend for the longer time frame.Overall, Bitcoin has had seen a great bull-run during 2019 after being able to rise from beneath $4,000 to over $13,800.
Article Produced By
Yaz Sheikh
Yaz is a cryptocurrency technical analyst with over seven years of technical analysis trading experience. As an Economics graduate, he has taken a keen interest in the future potentials of blockchain in the financial industry. Removing crypto from the equation, Yaz loves to watch his favorite football team and keep up-to-date with the latest fights within the UFC.


Chris Corey

Bitcoin Wealth Disparity: This Research Claims 2 Of Bitcoin Addresses Control 80 Of The Coin’s Total Supply

Bitcoin Wealth Disparity: This Research Claims 2% Of Bitcoin Addresses Control 80% Of The Coin’s Total Supply


Yesterday, the founder and CEO of TruStory Preethi Kasireddy,
presented some data alluding that bitcoin is concentrated in the hands of very few individuals.

She noted:

“Bitcoin wealth distribution: 2% of addresses control 80% of the wealth.”

Preethi Kasireddy, who previously worked at Coinbase and Goldman Sachs, then hosted a live debate involving Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic, Dan Held, co-founder of Interchange and herself to demystify this bitcoin wealth distribution conundrum.

Bitcoin Is Unevenly Distributed – TruStory

Saurabh Deshpande, an analyst at TruStory published a report detailing how the firm arrived at the statistics on bitcoin’s uneven distribution. Deshpande attempted to explain this disparity using the Lorenz curve. He notes that this technique is prone to some degree of inaccuracy due to some inherent weaknesses which he tried to counter. Case in point, he introduced an error term that infers half of the identified addresses as the newly assumed addresses due to the fact that it’s nearly impossible to know all the bitcoin addresses. 

He also explains that he hypothetically removed bitcoin from wallets with large holdings and transferred it to addresses holding up to 1 BTC. In addition, he claims to have done the necessary adjustments to cater to the unavailable data for addresses containing 10-100 BTC. Deshpande then came up with the following curve after making the aforementioned adjustments:

He concludes his report stating:

“The distribution is nowhere close to being ideal. I hope the scenario changes and the distribution gets better as time passes. Till then, one of the greatest threats to bitcoin is this curve.”

Back to the live debate, Vinny Lingham agrees with Saurabh’s report indicating that early miners that spent significant energy mining bitcoin and risking their capital in the process should receive some sort of reward. When asked whether he thinks the uneven distribution was fair, he implied that the bitcoin market is a free market. Dan also pointed out that as long as an individual acquired their wealth through legitimate capital investment, he was not against the idea of one individual controlling even over 97% of the entire world’s wealth.

These Analysts Support A Different School Of Thought

Ari Paul, CIO and Managing Partner of BlockTower Capital disagreed with this research saying that the “% of addresses” methodology does not paint a clear picture as someone can manipulate the data by creating multiple new addresses.

According to him:

“I don’t view “% of addresses” as meaningful. I could create 1 million new addresses with dust in each script, and drive that number down further. The problem is that the denominator is kind of a nonsense number. What does the total number of addresses mean or matter?”

“A more meaningful measure is something like # of addresses with at least 0.1 BTC. Still doesn’t tell us much, but at least here an “address” has some meaning,” Paul concluded. In addition, as per data by Coin Metrics, the number of bitcoin addresses holding 1 billionth of the coin’s total supply is now at an ATH indicating that bitcoin is gradually becoming further distributed. This was first noted by Jameson Lopp, CTO of CasaHODL on twitter yesterday. The nagging truth is that at no point in time will wealth distribution in the world become even. There will always be two groups of people: the haves and the have-nots. Therefore, this report is no cause for alarm, albeit the question of whether or not bitcoin can do anything to rectify this imbalance remains unanswered.

Article Produced By
Brenda Ngari

Brenda is a crypto and Blockchain enthusiast and has been crafting articles for at least a year. She has a solid background in Economics and Finance. When she is not writing crypto stories, she’s spending quality time with her family and friends or trying out different cuisines in the kitchen. Contact: Brenda.Ngari [at]

Chris Corey

Binance Unveils Venus’ An Open Blockchain Project That Could Challenge Facebook’s Libra

Binance Unveils ‘Venus’, An Open Blockchain Project That Could Challenge Facebook’s Libra


Binance has unveiled plans to launch the Venus public blockchain for stablecoins deployment.

On August 19, the exchange annouced the planned launch of a public blockchain branded Venus. This aims to develop a global market of stable currencies. Meanwhile, according to the Chinese version of today’s report, the Venus project is named the “regional analog” of Mark Zuckerberg’s Libra project.

To implement the initiative, the company is going to team up with global businesses that are into the blockchain industry. It will be possible to issue new stable currencies on the Venus blockchain, which rate will be tied to fiat currency, oil or other valuable assets. Venus’s key audience will be emerging economies and volatile national currencies.

The company invites all interested businesses and government agencies to participate in the blockchain deployment. The exchange has already put into practice the technology of public decentralized networks and international transfers on the Binance Chain blockchain. It has released several stablecoins, for example, BitcoinBrand (BTCB) and BGBP Stable Coin (BGBP). The price of the first coin is tied to the Bitcoin (BTC) rate and the second one – to the British Pound. Venus will become a direct competitor to Facebook’s Libra platform. The social giant has already begun work on creating a blockchain and stablecoin, which will be available to users of the WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram apps.

The Libra project will be managed by the Libra Association, headquartered in Switzerland. The association included 28 institutions such as payment operators, trading platforms, telecommunications firms, blockchain startups, VC, and educational centers. Binance keeps pushing forward with new improvements, all of which aids in the growth of the crypto space. Such steps not only increases the popularity of the exchange in particular but also boosts the global adoption of cryptocurrencies all over the world. Building mainstream innovations are becoming easier, which means the progress that is already moving at a fast pace cannot be obstructed.

Article Produced By
Victoria Tiebienieva

Victoria is a Professional Fintech writer and a graduate of the Kharkiv Institute of Finance Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics. Contact: Victoria.Tiebienieva [at]

Chris Corey

Bitcoin Sentiment Shines in Turkey Diminishes in the Rest of Europe

Bitcoin Sentiment Shines in Turkey, Diminishes in the Rest of Europe

A report published by ING shows that the percentage of the population

that believes in Bitcoin is slowly decreasing, indicating skepticism for cryptocurrencies in general. With the exception of Turkey, Poland, and Romania, most of Europe does not believe that cryptocurrencies will be an integral part of the financial system in the coming years, August 16, 2019.

Europe Losing Faith in Crypto?

The study, which covers 12 countries in Europe as well as the United States and Australia, is a signal that people are losing faith in the potential of Bitcoin. Indeed, the deficiencies of statistics are the first defense that comes to mind while reading this report. Firstly, it is difficult to paint an accurate picture through a study with a small sample size relative to the country’s population. Second, not many people have truly grasped the value of Bitcoin as a censorship-resistant, disinflationary economic protocol. As per the report, sentiment in Austria has deteriorated the most, with a mere 13 percent of the sample population answering that they are positive on the adoption and development of Bitcoin.

In 2018, this number was 2o percent, evidencing a major reduction in trust. The study also compared the average level of knowledge regarding cryptocurrency in a particular country and found that Austria had the most knowledgeable population. This is ironic considering Bitcoin’s economic framework draws inspiration from the Austrian school of economic thought. This could be attributed to the large number of scams occurring in the space. However, there is still hope as Bitcoin is making a positive impact on the regions that need it the most. A whopping 36 percent of the sample population in Turkey would be willing to receive their monthly salary in bitcoin.

Volatility is the Biggest Struggle

Regulators and ordinary citizens alike see the short term volatility in bitcoin as the biggest setback. Long term bitcoin charts dwarf the impact of volatility, but the day to day volatility has been enough to scare a lot of investors out of the space. Successful investing in bitcoin entails the investor developing emotional resilience to noise in the market and gaining a sound understanding of why bitcoin is valuable in the first place. Once you understand what bitcoin and a decentralized economy bring to the table, it’s easy to shrug off the volatility and accept the short term movements for the sake of large scale wealth creation in the long term.

Article Produced By
Ashwath Balakrishnan

Ashwath is a financial market and technology junkie. He is a cryptocurrency investor, trader, and enthusiast. He has expertise in market psychology and explaining complex technology in a simple way. He aims to battle misinformation in the cryptocurrency space.

Chris Corey

CoinCorner Cryptocurrency Exchange Paying Staff Salaries in Bitcoin BTC

CoinCorner Cryptocurrency Exchange Paying Staff Salaries in Bitcoin (BTC)

Staffers at CoinCorner, a British bitcoin trading venue and exchange founded in 2014,

now receive part or all of their salaries in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether, and XRP, via CoinCoiner Checkout, a crypto payments solution that eliminates the risks of price volatility for users, reports IOMToday on August 19, 2019.

CoinCorner Fostering Bitcoin Adoption

Per sources close to the matter, staffers at CoinCorner exchange have all shown interest in getting paid in bitcoin and supported altcoins like ether, XRP, and litecoin. Reportedly, the firm gave workers an option of getting paid a part or all their monthly earnings in cryptos and seamlessly convert it to fiat at any point in time using the CoinCorner Checkout crypto payments service.

Bitcoin is the Future of Money

Explaining the reason behind its decision to pay staff salaries in blockchain-based virtual currencies, Danny Scott, CoinCorner’s co-founder reiterated that the company strongly believes bitcoin and established altcoins are the future of money and it is CoinCorner’s goal to enable as many people as possible gain easy access to cryptocurrency. Scott also noted that CoinCorner, as one of the world’s oldest bitcoin exchanges, has provided a quick and easy way for consumers to start using cryptocurrency and it plans to keep doing so.

He also made it clear that one of the primary objectives of the exchange is to enable new businesses to accept bitcoin payments through its innovative service, CoinCorner Checkout and ultimately promote the widespread adoption of digital assets on the long run. The team claims its new payment gateway helps to mitigate the risk of bitcoin price fluctuations by making it possible for individuals as well as businesses to quickly convert their cryptos to fiat GBP in real-time and receive it through the U.K.’s Faster Payments Service (FPS).

Scott added:

‘We hope to see this set a precedent for how other companies could manage salaries in the long-term and hope that it encourages them to try innovating by offering employees the choice to be paid in Bitcoin,’

Scott who also receives part of his payment in cryptocurrency further outlined that workers at CoinCorner can swiftly convert their cryptos into GBP and there are no issues pertaining to the payment of income tax. Despite the super volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, more and more entities are latching onto the crypto bandwagon with each passing day, thanks to the borderless nature cryptoassets and freedom that comes with them. On August 15, 2019, BTCManager informed that the NBA team, Dallas Mavericks will begin accepting bitcoin as payment for game tickets and merchandise, shortly.

Article Produced By
Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel

Chris Corey

Japanese Giant Rakuten Enters Crypto Trading Business

Japanese Giant Rakuten Enters Crypto Trading Business

                             Japanese Giant Rakuten Enters Crypto Trading Business 101

In another victory for the crypto side of Japan, Rakuten Wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange and a subsidiary of Japanese e-commerce platform Rakuten, announced today the launch of a spot trading service for crypto assets. The Rakuten Wallet app is available for Android users, while the iOS version to be released in an unspecified future, the company said. Currently, bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and bitcoin Cash (BCH) can be traded. Opening and managing an account, purchasing or selling cryptos, as well as depositing JPY or cryptocurrency are all free, while withdrawals of JPY and crypto come with fees.

In regards to safety, Rakuten Wallet stated that:

  • it separates money deposited by customers from the company's funds in a Rakuten Trust Co., Ltd. trust account
  • crypto assets owned by Rakuten Wallet and customers are physically separated and managed
    cryptographic assets owned by customers are managed with cold wallets and private keys are managed through a multisignature scheme
  • two-step authentication is required when logging in and withdrawing money or assets.

Rakuten was awarded a cryptocurrency exchange operating permit from the regulatory Financial Services Agency (FSA) in March 2019. Also as reported, Rakuten is gearing up for a flurry of cryptocurrency-related activities – expanding on the scope of a forthcoming token launch and lobbying Tokyo for legislative reform. Rakuten is one of Japan’s biggest companies, and has been dubbed “Japan’s Amazon.” In addition to its e-commerce business interests, it also operates a mobile network and financial services. The company also owns chat app Viber, and plans to launch a Rakuten Coin.

Article Produced By
Sead Fadilpaši?

Sead is a staff journalist at who covers cryptocurrency and blockchain news daily, writes analysis pieces, tests blockchain and cryptocurrency products. He's based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prior to joining he was a freelance, also was a journalist for Al Jazeera web. He spends his free time in music studios, recording songs for movies and cinema. Loves to break gadgets so he could fix them, enjoys exploring new music and loves tasty and equally unhealthy food.

Chris Corey

Why Are S Korean Crypto Projects Going Cool on Domestic Exchanges?

Why Are S Korean Crypto Projects Going Cool on Domestic Exchanges?


South Korean cryptocurrency projects are abandoning domestic exchanges

in favor of overseas platforms, per a new report. Fn News states that some of the country's newest crypto projects are looking to list in “hotter” markets, such as Singapore and the United States. The bear market of 2018 took a near-fatal toll on many of South Korea’s exchanges, with crypto fever soon turning into a massive slowdown that – despite a recovery in 2019 – has failed to reignite the domestic industry. The industry comprises some 200 exchanges. The report makes note of three factors it says are driving the change:

Low trading volumes in South Korea

Per Fn News’ calculations, only five of the global top 100 exchanges (by trade volumes) are now based in South Korea. “It is no exaggeration to say that outside the market leaders, 97% of domestic exchanges are in danger of closure due to low trading volumes,” author Kim So-ra writes. The news outlet quotes a crypto project CEO as stating, “We were discussing a possible listing with the Prixbit exchange on August 7. Then, two days later, we read in the news that it was closing down!”

Regulatory difficulties

Banking remains a very thorny problem for South Korean exchanges. The country’s “big four” exchanges – market leaders Upbit, Korbit, Bithumb and Coinone – have agreements with major commercial banks that allow them to adhere to government guidelines that require users to verify their accounts with real names and social security numbers. They have also agreed to abide by guidelines that require corporate and customer accounts to be handled separately.

And there are signs that the “big four” are now set to ramp up their restrictions on customer activities yet further, possibly moving as a response to government pressure. Smaller exchanges, however, would prefer to use their corporate accounts to conduct the entirety of their banking activities. This has led to accusations that “blind spots” can appear in crypto banking operations – a factor that leads many banks to reject trade with smaller cryptocurrency exchanges.

Overseas exchanges are looking for South Korean customers

Many platforms are now actively wooing South Korean projects and investors, adding Korean won markets. The report makes mention of exchanges like BW, which already lists South Korean projects Ziktalk, Storychain, PayExpress and Sigma Chain, and plans to open won trading “later this month.” The Singapore-based company began offering transaction fee-free deals to South Korean customers last week to celebrate Korean Liberation Day (August 15).

Watch the latest reports by Block TV.Much-talked about projects like MediBloc, Bezant and Temco are also listing outside South Korea.The Singapore-based Bitholic exchange – soon to rebranded as Bithumb Singapore – also has a “number of domestic blockchain project portfolios” among its listings, notes Kim.A number of South Korean-owned exchanges are actively pursuing overseas expansion – with all four “big four” exchanges opening branches in either the United States or other Asian cities in recent months.
Article Produced By
Tim Alper

Tim Alper is a British, South Korea-based journalist, a regular contributor to, who covers cryptocurrency and blockchain related news daily, writes in depth analysis pieces about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Tim has over 12 years of media experience. He has written for the BBC, the Guardian, the Jewish Chronicle, Chosun Ilbo and many other media outlets, covered cryptocurrency and blockchain related news. He has also collaborated on media projects with the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG, Hyundai, Korean Air, TÜV SÜD and Shell.



Chris Corey

Bitcoin Is an Excellent Safe Haven Asset Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Declares

Bitcoin Is an Excellent Safe Haven Asset, Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Declares


According to reports, Tom Lee, who serves as one of the senior analysts at Fundstrat Global Advisors,

Bitcoin is an excellent safe haven asset. Lee recently affirmed the status of the number one asset class calling it the “genuine safe haven asset.” Bitcoin is trading above the $10k mark as of press time. It has held this position in recent weeks.

Lee Claims Crypto Prices Increase When There’s Political Turmoil

The Fundstrat analyst made the affirmation during a recent interview on Fox Business. According to Lee, whenever there’s political turmoil, the price of cryptos tend to go up very high. The reason why this occurs is that most people in the space are looking to protect their digital assets from devaluation, hence a key reason why they use Bitcoin. Note that the premium in markets like that of Hong Kong is current proof of this ideology.

Lee Claims That Bitcoin Is the Ideal Diverse Portfolio

The investor and Fundstrat analyst also affirmed that Bitcoin has been doing very well this year. After last year’s extended bear market that ended in the early part of 2019, the number one asset was worth $3,000. But now it has once again surpassed the $10k mark and even moved to 13k.despite dropping under 13k, the asset class has remained above $10k. The future appears set to be better for Bitcoin according to Lee, who expects the all-time high price to be broken before this year ends. Lee also affirmed that Bitcoin is a great strategy or model for diversification. According to Fundstrat analyst, this is mainly because it isn’t really correlated with the reminder of the digital currency market, hence, it does well when traditional markets aren’t not doing well.

Lee Advises Investors to Invest 1 to 2% of Their Portfolio in BTC

Additionally, Lee also believes that if crypto investors choose to invest at least 1 or 2% of their portfolio in Bitcoin will be a good bet. He says it is the best bet for situations like the one we are currently in. Lee went on to say that the cryptocurrency community surely wants his assertions to be right. If we follow history, we will see that the market is usually very popular whenever the prices of digital assets were going up. In fact, this was the case only a few months ago. It is not surprising that the majority most people still believe that the price of BTC will rise more and even reach the all-time high.

They are hoping that the asset class will take the whole digital currency market together higher in a fresh altcoin season. Lee isn’t far from the truth regarding his analysis and description of BTC. Calling BTC the perfect diverse portfolio is correct. Tagging Bitcoin a safe haven asset class will only make investor hearts sweet. The price of Bitcoin is likely going to stay above the 10k mark for the main time. And this might extend to the next few months. According to data given by CoinMarketCap, the price of BTC is trading at $10,425.03. The digital asset is up by 0.75% in the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap lists Bitcoin’s total market capitalization as $186,434,448,263 as of when this content was published.

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