Website Security – What Should You Have?

Website Security-What Should You Have?   SSL or TLS Certificates For newbies to the topics of web security and SSLs, getting up to speed with both can be challenging. Maybe you know that SSL certificates “secure your site,” but you're not exactly sure how or why. And now, TLS certificates enter into the mix, and […]

Integrate Markethive With Your Affiliate Programs For Optimum Results

Integrate Markethive With Your Affiliate Programs For Optimum Results We at Markethive pride ourselves in being entrepreneurial, and the fact that our logo says Ecosystem For Entrepreneurs is precisely what Markethive is. If you're an affiliate marketer, did you know you have a complete turnkey system in Markethive to achieve not only exceptional sales results […]


THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR MARKETHIVE…  …and all who sail in her "Where there's a will, there's a way".  Markethive has come a long way since the days of being the first automated marketing platform back in the mid-1990s. Thanks to the onset of Blockchain technology and the innovative culture of Markethive, with its visionary […]

A Time Of Reckoning For Some Emergence For Others

A Time Of Reckoning For Some, Emergence For Others With the turbulent state of affairs social media giants are experiencing, where does that leave users and advertisers? Some think they have nowhere else to go when in reality a whole new social and market media is emerging.  If you thought that there was a surge […]


PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE of DIGITAL PAYMENTS The 3 Cs – Contactless, Cashless, Crypto We have experienced an architectural shift in the way we handle our financial transactions, particularly over the last decade. More recently, since the new safety regulations introduced and enforced due to the pandemic, consumer behaviors have changed to a more contactless […]

Bitcoin vs Ripple Explainer

Bitcoin vs. Ripple Explainer Whether you’re new to the world of blockchain technology or are simply looking to sharpen your sensibilities when it comes to distinguishing the market’s key players, there is always more to learn. Cryptocurrency trading is fueled by hype and that means that new players are always popping up and disappearing. Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Mining with MiningJOY: A Perfect Solution to Fight against Inflation

Bitcoin Mining with MiningJOY: A Perfect Solution to Fight against Inflation Bitcoin has the potential to provide both inflation protection and growth exposure concurrently. Looking for an easy and smart investment solution to invest? Cloud mining of Bitcoin at is the answer for you. This cloud mining provider gained a solid reputation for its […]

Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda launches his own crypto

Crypto and blockchain matter for the global soccer community. A Japanese professional soccer player is launching his own cryptocurrency to boost fan engagement. Keisuke Honda, former Japan midfielder and currently a captain of the Brazilian professional league team Botafogo, has launched his own token to build new connections with his fans, Cointelegraph Japan reported on […]

Regulation will keep PayPal’s new crypto services from looking anything like crypto

For now, PayPal's crypto payments are more about satisfying regulators than providing users with crypto capabilities. Earlier today, PayPal confirmed that it would be adding crypto payments to its global platform over the coming months. The rollout will begin in the United States, where PayPal also became the first recipient of the New York Department […]