Is Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Secure Enough to Use?

Is Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Secure Enough to Use?


Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has been in development for several years now. But is it ready and secure for mainstream use? Let’s make a deep dive into what is currently going on in its development, and examine some ways it may affect users’ security in the future.

Creating a Centralized Lightning Network Hub

In the 14th minute of his response to the video “How The Banks Bought Bitcoin“, bitcoin personality Andreas Antonopoulos says that if you create a large Lightning Network hub with lots of BTC locked in it, and with lots of channels opened, you become a hacking target. Per Andreas, bad actors may want to crack your LN node (which is a hot wallet) to move all the funds. Andreas suggests that this fact prevents centralization of nodes and the creation of big hubs. That’s because people will be scared as hell not to lose their money, and will not put too much money into the so-called “hub”.

Interestingly, in another video, Andreas claims that “there is no such thing as hubs in LN” (1:52).If you decide to take the risk and create the “impossible”: a centralized bank-alike LN hub, then you can use some measures to do it. You could build a data center with powerful computers. How many people from this space do you know who work as a trader, user or journalist? Maybe fifteen? Barry Silbert, for instance, knows a lot of people. For example, say you and Barry Silbert have decided to create a network of interconnected LN nodes/hubs that are connected to an even bigger network of large hubs with channels and large amounts of BTC. Would that be a network hub?

Decentralized Does Not Mean Distributed

Which hub would last longer and have more LN transactions relayed and fees collected? How will LN affect the distribution of its nodes? Remember the difference between Centralized, Decentralized and Distributed network models? So, even though Andreas Antonopoulos can say there is no way to centralize the entire LN structure, we could create something that looks very similar to the old good centralized network of “payment providers”. Maybe new protocols will arrive, ones that classic BTC node operators can’t imagine yet and ones that could make them unable to check transactions.
LN operators will seek fees to make profits with network support. Don’t forget that nothing works in crypto without a constant cash flow.

Negative Perspectives of the Lightning Network Security Model

Did you know that, if you don’t have a direct connection with someone you need to transact with, the routing algorithm will seek an indirect path to reach that person you need? The usual explanation from Lightning proponents is that you will have lots of such collateral paths over time as the network will grow. The plan is that many BTC-related people will open channels with each other.  More channels mean more hops, and paths to forward bitcoins. Simple and easy.

However, there are several problems with LN that arise if you study the matter more closely:

1. What if someone puts bitcoins connected to illegal activity into the LN network and tries to launder “dirty BTC” with the help of your channel? Are you legally liable for them?

2. What if a bad actor studies the network topography and starts a DDoS attack on a node or hub?

3. What if the channel that clears a transaction right now suddenly goes offline due to a poor Internet connection or electricity issues? Where do bitcoins go from that point?

4. If everybody will be using LN channels for payments, how will miners earn money from the transaction fees?

5. How LN nodes will behave with double-spend RBF transactions and their children?

Like Bitcoin, Lightning Network Has a Fee Problem

Lightning Network node operators can charge a small fee for their service, say 0.00000444 BTC or even 0.0001 (the last one is possible if the price goes down if miners’ fee income is impacted by huge LN adoption rates). Let us imagine you try to send a bitcoin payment via LN and it goes “by ground” from Easter Island to Japan.

How much money could you pay as fees, if each hop represented on the map takes a fee of 0.0001 or even 0.00001 BTC? When paying on-chain, you can choose the fee amount depending on the time you’re ready to wait before the transaction is included in a block. While paying within the Lightning network, time is not an issue here, since the transaction is “fast as lightning” after you hit the SEND button. But the fee for such god-like speed will depend on the number of hops and corresponding fees set by each node/hub operator.

Some Developers Flee From Centralized Development

This situation is exactly what Stefan Molyneux described in his surprisingly correct prediction from 2014: If you watch the full version (it’s only 2 minutes), Molyneux details exactly what Bitcoin Core developers have been doing since they obtained veto power over any new change to the code. They and their supporters imposed censorship on discussion groups like Reddit and in the news, and made other developers flee. Those actions were made to push for updates that make bitcoin less and less attractive to smart investors.

People like Gavin Andresen, Mike Hearn, and Jeff Garzik are notable developers who refused to provide support to the general myth (about “digital gold”). But at what cost did the Bitcoin Core team make those developers flee? Obviously, at the cost of making client software less convenient and secure. It appears that Lightning Network doesn’t even have a pre-compiled installer. LN developers from different teams didn’t create an easy-to-use the installer on purpose. Because they don’t want general users to lose money in LN.

Lightning Network Code Incomplete?

Bitcoin was once about hardcore funds security, not about experimenting with the last money you have in risky software that is very hard to install. Thus far, LN lacks in accessibility to the masses and thus turns itself into yet another “store of value” payment layer. Take a look at how Polish game development studio CD Project RED polished The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt over a similar period: TW3 is now considered one of the best RPG games of all times, free of bugs and very stable. Can we honestly say the same of Lightning Network?

Honest Early Adopters and BTC Fans May Have No Free Money for LN Nodes

One more issue that may increase future LN centralization: Who will sacrifice even 0.1 BTC to a Lightning channel? It is not a big secret that many crypto-journalists are very poor at their jobs, despite their trade using dirty secrets unavailable to other people. Journalists send BTC to each other in small amounts, usually sums like 30 USD or less. They also suffer from low payments for their work. Some news website operators think it is perfectly fine for an author to receive money two to three months after an article is published.

And these are the people who need to report on how well Lightning Network works. So, how do LN fans propose they and other ordinary (i.e.: not large BTC holders) people open channels and put meaningful amounts of BTC in there? It’s hard to believe people will risk even sums like $100 or $200 USD per channel if they’re only earning $1 or $5 USD or so per week. Ask any crypto journalist you know how many bitcoins they have right now. You’ll be very surprised.

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I'm not a prominent person within decentralized something. I just look at the industry and write what I see.

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Four Main Reasons Behind the Falling Bitcoin Price

Four Main Reasons Behind the Falling Bitcoin Price


A thought that makes most Bitcoin veterans nervous: that the price may never jump back over the $14,000 USD level. Why is this? Because the industry needs some new code before it can move on to wider adoption.

For BTC Price to Move Up, We Need New Technology

The blockchain revolution that was promised by many experts back in 2017 is approaching its end. Company CEOs need to show their investors that the code is working, but their efforts seem to be not so successful. What we see is that ICO projects continue to blow up, leaving people from around the world without any hope for recovering funds. While many of the blockchain developers were spending investment money on whores and bathhouses, planes and yachts, they were supposed to write the code.

Where is this code?  It’s non-existent. To grow and attract users, Bitcoin needs:

  • New code, that will increase Fungibility and Privacy of the coins
  • Block size increase, or some other solution (definitely not the Lightning Network due to its horrible lack of development transparency and dozens of unrevealed bugs) to increase Scaling and Adoption

It’s hard to believe, but Bitcoin Core developers have been discussing things like MAST, Schnorr signatures, Compact Blocks, CoinJoin, and block propagation time optimizations since July 2017. Yet, they don’t add any new code to the system. Minor improvements, like Lightning and Liquid support, is all we have today.

Development of Code or Good Old Politics?

You’ve been fed with the fairy tales about Bitcoin’s hardcore decentralization. In fact, it appears that there is no procedure that obligate outside devs to peer review the Bitcoin code, and there are no such devs at all. Blockstream, a private company, can turn Liquid on and off to cut users’ access to their bitcoins at any moment. Let us remember Jeff Garzik’s insight that Blockstream and Chaincode Labs had obtained veto power over any new change to the BTC code repository:

So the first reason behind the non-rising Bitcoin price is that it’s not scalable, and this is the political will of the developers. We don’t even know the majority of them. How many times has anyone seen Wladimir van der Laan at some crypto conference? Just look for a single video featuring him on YouTube.  Can you not find one? Hell yeah, he’s a ghost, and he is a key maintainer now with the highest access and has over 5,000 commits to BTC’s codebase behind his back. Pick any Bitcoin developer and you will be able to find something strange about him on the Web. For instance, Luke-jr has six kids but he restricts them from watching Disney movies and cartoons. He also thinks that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and that slavery is not a bad thing. Also, people aren’t really bothered by the fact that one of the most famous developers, Gregory Maxwell, is banned by Wikipedia admins for vandalism.

The NYAG Investigation Against Bitfinex and Tether

Don’t try to guess why some news websites keep writing about Tether, while others collect information about Anthony Pompliano’s strange theories or Craig Wright’s favorite drinks. When Bitfinex is your sponsor, you cannot write anything stupid, right? Since January 2019, Bitcoin’s price has risen significantly almost every time Tether issued a new batch of 100 million USDT tokens. Some market analysts say the Tether guys have been minting the coins in a fast manner and selling them for BTC. This is because, as you may already know, when some crypto business starts dealing with American regulators, the law always wins.

Smart investors and insiders know that Bitfinex is on its way to oblivion. And Tether management knows they’re on fire, and it’s their last chance to make lots of cash and escape before it’s too late. The theory goes that Tether was used back in 2017 to pump the BTC price significantly. And the situation is similar in 2019, with a slight difference. This time, the NYAG is after Bitfinex, and they have stopped printing vast amounts of Tether since July 2019. It has become clearer that this time, iFinex Ltd. and its subsidiaries won’t escape the law that easy.

Bakkt Launch Proves Institutional Investors Are not Interested in Bitcoin

As you may remember, the Bitcoin price went $2K down from $10,000 zones to $8,000 zones right after the community saw the Bakkt futures trading volume. On the first day of the trades, Bakkt had only 12 BTC in their “Vault”. If there’s something indeed crucial in this launch: we finally understood that law-abiding capital is not interested in cryptocurrencies. Since Bitcoin is not something that attracts institutional investors right away even in 2019, it cannot be worth $100,000 per unit. Or whatever price is bouncing back and forth in regular prediction news this week. Instead, Bitcoin seems to be a means of illegal exchange, or legal capital doesn’t want to trust their Bitcoin keys with the Bakkt team.

Crypto Exchanges’ Fake Orgasms and Wash Trading

Just take into consideration the fact that the QuadrigaCX investigation did shed light on a web of undercover connections between the top exchanges. Some of the famous exchanges conduct wash trading. Deal with it. All of those exchanges are connected in some way or another, and many of them perform dirty ops, behind their customer’s backs. Sometimes, exchanges even freeze users’ funds for a few weeks or exploit their personal data to create bank accounts in offshore zones, and to launder money through them.

It’s not only crypto exchanges trying to make it look like nothing wrong is happening under the table. They also engage with a broad set of inner activities, sometimes just dirty, occasionally illegal. Stealing a database with millions of users is not a crime – you can always draft up a press release to note that the exchange “was hacked”. And the user agreement says that users have agreed to any crap the exchange could dish out to them, so it’s all OK. Faking the trades is not a crime – especially when you work at the exchange’s office. You know some insider information. Like, when the newly hyped ICO starts off on the platform and how the price will move in the first couple hours. Also, trading bots and fake volumes are the pumper’s best friends. According to some researchers, 90 percent of Bitcoin trading on most exchanges could be false.

What To Do in a World of Lies?

Never give up. The simple facts that we have featured in this quick writeup show that people in the industry have drowned in corruption and laziness. If you look at the famous people from the crypto sphere, many of them seem to divide the community for easy control, pump tokens, and speak bullshit at conferences. Look at how Adam Back says crypto businesses should use a tab, it’s from 2017. Almost 2.5 years have passed and there is no solution to the question from this video. Strange feeling, right?

At the same time, everybody misses the real progress made by separate developers working in different communities. For example, the Monero and Bitcoin Cash communities have active developers. They made big efforts to make crypto transactions more private and the coins more fungible. Although the industry is now at the edge of destruction, we should never stop fighting for the principles. Especially when it comes to decentralization and the things every one of us can make to help it survive. Bitcoin is centralized in every possible way… and we won’t even start considering Ethereum’s metrics here. Like the top “rich addresses” ownership. What will you do to change the situation, and should you?

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I'm not a prominent person within decentralized something. I just look at the industry and write what I see.

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ILPs Made Easy amp Profitable With The Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program

ILPs Made Easy & Profitable With The Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program 

As Markethive moves forward in establishing and building its global market, the company has implemented a viable funding process which in turn rewards the Entrepreneur 1 Upgraded associate by way of ILP shares in the company. This is a preliminary course of action that helps Markethive develop a sizable market base as it builds viable services for members to utilize, purchase or subscribe to. 

The ILP (Incentivized Loan Program) is a better alternative to the traditional ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It’s also better than bringing in venture capitalists. Markethive belongs to the community. It’s built for the people, by the people, and of the people. Who better to get rewarded than the rank and file. 

It works like this… You lend us money for a 20-year loan note with a principal balloon payment at the end of the 20 years. The interest we pay you is based upon 20% of our revenue for those 20 years. This offer is limited to 1000 ILP (shares). These shares represent 20% of Markethive’s revenue.

Let’s take a look at LinkedIn for example. LinkedIn's monthly revenue is estimated to be around $1.5 billion USD with around 500 million subscribers. LinkedIn has 39% of its members upgraded to their loyalty programs. 39% of 500 million members is 195 million members with a LinkedIn loyalty program averaging ($1.5 billion divided by 195 million) $7.67 spent per member per month. Keep this in mind.

Markethive will reach similar conditions. Markethive is projected to reach 500 million by 2023 with a 39% loyalty program upgrade based at a proposed $29 minimum loyalty program yields a monthly revenue of $5.6 billion. 

The ILP is allocated 20% of that revenue for interest payments. That equals $1.12 billion divided by the maximum ILPs allowed, which is 1000, returns a payment per ILP per month of $1.12 million. 1/10th of that ILP (earned via the Entrepreneur One upgrade) returns a monthly payment of $120,000 per month.

These are projected assumptions based on our real internal statistics and tracking. External stats also confirm Markethive’s projections like our Alexa ranking which is exceptional considering we are still in BETA. 

Even if Markethive falls short by 90% it is still $12,000 per month per 1/10th ILP. 

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have made it so easy for Markethive to pass on the benefits and wealth to the community. It creates a complete ecosystem, distributed and decentralized with no need for intermediaries, unlike LinkedIn and so many other centralized organizations. 



The 15 Advantages of the Entrepreneur One Upgrade

The current Entrepreneur One Upgrade is the premium highest level you will ever have the opportunity to acquire. It contains all the leveraged advantages you need to accelerate your success in Markethive. Apart from the 1/10th ILP, you receive after a 12 month period that accumulates every year thereafter providing you stay current with your monthly subscription of $100 USD, you also qualify for the following: 

1. Associates Control Panel: Gain full data, their social networks, verified phone and text, verified email, and a contact management system that tracks data, stores dated notes, sends messaging and calendars events reminding actions on your Markethive calendar like callbacks, email, etc. with the Associates Control Panel (Part of your Friends section)
2. Primary Matching Airdrop Bonus: Receive a 100% matching bonus from the new registration Airdrops. This can be a significant reward for those that aggressively build “associates” the term used for the leads, Markethive provides (profile page and default capture page). Our first infinity airdrop will be 500 MHV coins, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to offer a system as powerful and valuable as the Markethive system that also rewards new members with an immediate 500 coin reward. You can easily promote this and build 1000s of referrals that will add up to significant coins and customers.
3. Secondary Matching Airdrop Bonus: When your associate customer upgrades to Entrepreneur, we airdrop them 100 coins and you will also receive 100 coins as a matching bonus.
4. Matching ILP Loyalty Program:  You also get an equal ILP share after 12 months of continuity with the Entrepreneur program from your referral who upgrades. This is only available for the first 1000 Entrepreneur upgrades. What that means…Liken to an ICO, your monthly payment is accrued and if you stay current for 12 straight months, we contribute to you a full 10% ILP and continue to offer this 12-month reward for 10 years or your stop payment. This offer is limited to the first 1000 active upgrades.
5. Banner Ad Program: You also get unlimited 1st level Banner advertisement in all of our traffic portals and Internet properties. This offer is incredibly valuable. Markethive properties are already receiving significant traffic and as we grow, this traffic is included with this Entrepreneur upgrade. All subsequent banners are 50% off listed prices. 

Markethive is also in the process of building the Banner Exchange and a reseller page for all free or non-Entrepreneur 1 members to purchase banner ad slots from the active Entrepreneur 1 associate who wishes to resell their banner slots. These banner slots will only be available to purchase from current Entrepreneur 1 members. Now that’s a cool little business right there! 
Note: Once the banner reseller control panel is ready to be released, Entrepreneur One Upgrade will be closed to free members and new subscribers. 

 6. Press Release Program: Markethive will also be delivering a Press Release system as a hybrid liken to PRNewswire (traditional distribution) to  include Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, CNNMoney, MarketWatch,,,, Wired, Tech Crunch, Engadget, Computerworld, CNET News, InformationWeek, R&D Magazine and more in the Tech industry.  Our Media List will be greater than 4000 media organizations, journalists, reporters, bloggers, producers, freelance writers and editors across print, online, blogs, radio and television.

 It will also publish to our growing social network followers (40,000 and growing via MH subscribers) and our growing members WordPress blogs (about 3000 and growing with MH members). When Markethive reaches 1 million members our Social Following is projected to be at (700,000 – 2 million followers total) and about 150,000 WordPress sites. 

These WordPress sites will be mini news media and vertical news media like along with publication to Markethive’s portfolio of sites like, https://Markethive.net,, and

Cointelegraph, a vertical tech news media organization, which charges about $8,500 per release with an Alexa rank (2,622) social followers (1.3 million) and 16,000 subscribers justifies their price. Markethive’s press release will be priced accordingly and increase as our subscribers reach grows.  The second-biggest digital news media site to Cointelegraph is CNN with an Alexa rank (15,665) that charges $1800 and only posts to their main site front page.

The Entrepreneur One Upgrade will include one Press Release per month for life as long as your Entrepreneur One Upgrade remains active and current. This does not accumulate. Additional Press releases will be discounted.


7. Sponsored Article Program: Sponsored content is a piece of brand journalism that lives on a publisher’s website. It’s usually written by the publisher’s staff so the article matches the tone and voice of the rest of their content.  Sponsored Article is published to the same distribution Markethive articles are published on plus, notification of articles are sent to our social network, and 1000s of connected WordPress sites. Sponsored articles run from high-end media sites like Cointelegraph for $7500 to an average of $1200 for most other media systems in the general markets.
8. News Feed Boost: Entrepreneurs get one news feed boost (publish a post to entire membership) per month. This does not accrue.
9. Co-Op Customer Acquisition Program: Markethive strategic campaigns will designate %60 to %80 of our revenue into Marketing and Advertising campaigns.  These campaigns will point to Markethive assets like:


Traditional Customer Co-Op programs charge $50 to $100 per customer. Cooperative marketing programs foster teamwork between a brand (Markethive) and its channel partners (Markethive Subscribers). Channel partners often don’t have large marketing departments.  Markethive is more equipped to create professional advertisements and deal with media placement. Markethive Entrepreneur Upgrade subscribers create the demand and. Co-op marketing programs take advantage of the sales channel’s local presence. This benefits both the partner and the brand.
10. Commerce Portals: To sell on our commerce portals, like Big Kahuna (A website builder like WIX), Beelancers (A freelancer service like Freelancers), Markethive Exchange (A full-service crypto exchange like you must be an active Entrepreneur One Upgrade to sell or trade. This eliminates processing fees and commissions like found on Freelancers, Upwork, Guru,  etc.  Buyers have no obligation other than free registration with Markethive.  This change in services where it is traditional to be constrained into the platform and pay high processing fees and commissions are eliminated with the Markethive Entrepreneur Upgrade system.
11. Crowdfunding Portal: If Markethive engages (likely we will) with a crowdfunding campaign, promoted to top crowdfunding systems like ICOranker, ICObench, Tokentops,, and, etc. We will be sharing the campaign traffic via all Entrepreneurs through our crowdfunding portal @ and giving all Entrepreneur Upgrades their own self replicated portal to help in the campaign. These portals will earn equal matching shadow shares if they bring in new ILP purchases and will also be traffic portals earning new members as well.
12. Texting: Ability to send a text to your Associates. Limited to one per day per associate
13. Upgrade Groups to Store Fronts: Storefronts have landing pages, forms, shopping carts and designed to act as a vertical eBay or Affiliate portal.
14. Advertise to the Calendar: Publish events to your calendar included in the main Calendar page within Markethive.
15. Video Advertising: A video ad portal will be included with the Entrepreneur One similar to the banner portal.

ILPs are now listed at $100,000 per ILP. When we first offered ILPs they were listed at $10,000, but as ILPs have been acquired and Markethive gets closer to exponential growth, the value of ILPs will continue to increase.

Markethive is making it easy to access the ILPs for our rank and file members as we believe and embrace making Markethive everyone’s company. The Markethive coin is another process of giving our members long term wealth and revenue with a true ecosystem to make use of our coin beyond valuable.

The Unfair Advantage – Markethive is doubling down in December! 

And to make it even more lucrative, any Markethive member that upgrades to Entrepreneur one during the month of December will double their ILP holdings! So that means at the end of December 2020, instead of acquiring just one 1/10th of an ILP share, you will receive an extra 1/10th. Buy one, get one free! Markethive is doubling down in December, so you can double up, providing you stay current with your E1 payment for the straight 12 months. 

This is an unprecedented offer that is very limited and designed for early adopters to help Markethive launch to the moon. Markethive started out as Veretekk over 20 years ago as the first autoresponder system, the first self-replicated system, the first mass broadcasting system and the first Inbound Marketing system.

Now with blockchain and crypto, we are able to design and establish a completely decentralized, autonomous ecosystem that allows all of the Markethive Community to acquire a sovereign state of income.

There are scores of other huge advantages to an Entrepreneur One account. Study them, stay informed and make a well informed, educated decision to get on board. We are in Beta and start-up and the advantages you get today will not last long. 


How do you get your share of ILPs with the Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program? By clicking on this link



ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Deb Williams 

A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 

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French central bank to launch tests on digital currency from 2020

French central bank to launch tests on digital currency from 2020


Almost every week, you hear about states that want to bring their own digital currencies on the market

or already implement the implementation. One of the pioneers in this project and in general on cryptocurrencies is France. The head of the French central bank has now announced that it could start soon and the call for the project will be launched early next year. France plans to test its first projects in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies issued by the central bank next year, according to French news site AFP. In a conference held last Wednesday Francois Villeroy de Galhau said: "We want to start with the implementation of experiments quickly and will start a project call before the end of the first quarter of 2020."

De Galhau points out that his country would like to contribute to the innovation of digital currencies. At the same time, he warned that he would experiment with technology in a serious and methodical way. The fact that France is one of the first countries in Europe with concrete plans to implement its own digital currency, seems to fit into the picture. The Minister of Finance and Economy, Bruno Le Maire, called on an EU meeting to create a public digital currency. However, the question arises as to how France wants to bring its own cryptocurrency with the euro under one roof. – Bitcoin News source since 2012

Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. holds several Cryptocurrencies, and this information does NOT constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Everything on this website can be seen as Advertisment and most comes from Press Releases, is is not responsible for any of the content of or from external sites and feeds. Sponsored or guest posts, articles and PRs are NOT always flagged as this. Expert opinions and Price predictions are not supported by us and comes up from 3th part websites.

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Huawei is developing Chinese government Blockchain

Huawei is developing Chinese government Blockchain


Chinese technology group Huawei is developing blockchain for the Chinese government

to streamline data exchange between political institutions and public authorities. Instead of many central data silos, a decentralized register is to be used with the blockchain. Huawei thus creates an infrastructure that plays into the political interests of the party leadership in the cards. This is reported by the Chinese news magazine East Money. Initially, data will be transferred from the Beijing district to the Blockchain, and further regions will follow according to a proof of concept.

According to Zhang Xiaojun, Huawei Project Director, Blockchain aims to streamline data exchange between government agencies and institutions. In addition, the conversion and transfer of the data to a blockchain-based infrastructure resulted in high administrative costs. More than 50 institutions in Beijing, including municipal tax authorities, health insurances and public security bureaus, will exchange information about the blockchain in the future. Instead of centralized data silos, the blockchain, as a decentralized register, enables a networked administration of databases with authorized queries and approvals. This ensures interoperability between offices and ministries.

Zhang said the directory will initially contain over 44,000 files and 8,000 responsibilities. After a proof of concept, 16 more districts and counties in China will be added to the network. Huawei is currently in negotiations with People’s Bank of China (PBoC) to participate in the Digital Central Bank Currency (CBDC) project. The telecommunications provider develops database and network software to handle large amounts of data that the digital currency management infrastructure could deliver. – Bitcoin News source since 2012

Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. holds several Cryptocurrencies, and this information does NOT constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Everything on this website can be seen as Advertisment and most comes from Press Releases, is is not responsible for any of the content of or from external sites and feeds. Sponsored or guest posts, articles and PRs are NOT always flagged as this. Expert opinions and Price predictions are not supported by us and comes up from 3th part websites.

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This Week in Crypto: BitPay Supports XRP German Bank Eyes 90000 Bitcoin Libra In Turmoil

This Week in Crypto: BitPay Supports XRP, German Bank Eyes $90,000 Bitcoin, Libra In Turmoil

This Week in Crypto: BitPay Supports XRP, German Bank Eyes $90,000 Bitcoin, Libra In Turmoil

This Week In Crypto is a weekly segment from the Live Coin Watch News team, providing readers with a fun, succinct, and pertinent summary of the most important Bitcoin-related events in the past seven days.

This Week in Crypto:

  • Crypto Crisis: PayPal Leaves Libra Association: Libra, the crypto project founded by Facebook, has just suffered a heavy blow according to a number of sources. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal on Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for the fintech giant, PayPal, said that the company has decided to “forgo further participation” in the project. Despite this, they added that PayPal continues to support Libra’s mission to democratize finance, and will thus keep its options open with Facebook in the future. This announcement comes shortly after sources to the Financial Times said that PayPal representatives did not make an appearance at a Libra-focused event in Washington.
  • Mastercard, Visa, Stripe Also Skeptical of Libra: In similar news, sources told Bloomberg that Visa, Mastercard, and Stripe are currently hesitant to sign the Libra Association’s inaugural charter in fear of angering regulators, most of which have expressed heavy reservations about crypto, the people said. Bloomberg’s sources added that the four payment giants’ executives believe that Facebook “oversold the extent to which regulators were comfortable with the project” and are fearful about the social media giant’s historical handling of data privacy.
  • Apple CEO Not Excited About Crypto Trend: In an interview with French publication Les Echos, Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, quipped that crypto assets are not something that Apple is pursuing at the moment. Cook argued that currency is something that should “stay in the hands of states.” The technology executive went on to say that he isn’t comfortable with “the idea of a private group setting up a competing currency”, seemingly referencing Facebook’s Libra.  Cook’s assertion that Apple will not have its own crypto asset comes after an Apple executive told CNN earlier this year that the technology behemoth is “watching cryptocurrency”, as they believe it has “interesting long-term potential”.
  • BitPay to Add XRP Support: Announced in a press release published on Wednesday morning, Atlanta-based crypto payments giant BitPay has partnered with Ripple’s developer initiative, Xpring, to enable XRP payments through “BitPay’s merchant processing and cross-border payments platform safely, securely, and compliantly.” This payment method will be activated by the end of the year. Speaking on the matter of the recent move, BitPay’s Sean Rolland remarked that XRP payments are important as they are “fast, cost-effective and scalable”. Ethan Beard, the Senior Vice President of Xpring, also expressed his excitement, quipping that this partnership with XRP will be “key in advancing the proliferation and adoption of XRP as a medium of exchange to help solve real-world problems.”
  • ConsenSys Acquires Ethereum Infrastructure Provider Infura: Ethereum development studio ConsenSys has just fully acquired Infura, an infrastructure provider that is believed to handle a large portion of the code requests that are on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Ethereum “DeFi” DApp Bags $2.4 Million in Funding From Top Crypto VCs: Announced in a blog published at the turn of the month, InstaDApp, an Ethereum DeFi portal that aggregates major protocols “using a smart wallet layer and bridge contracts”, has bagged some $2.4 million in funding from investors like Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Robot Ventures, and IDEO Colab, prominent Silicon Valley investor Naval Ravikant, former Coinbase executive Balaji Srinivasan, “amongst many others”. Coupled with the funding, InstaDApp brings on Edward Moncada, CEO of Blockfolio and “Ming Ng, who collaborates closely with prominent projects including Handshake, Kyber, and Blockfolio,” to its advisory board.
  • German Bank Expects Bitcoin Price Appreciation: According to a recent report from Munich-based financial institution Bayerische Landesbank, Bitcoin’s block reward reduction in 2020 will give the cryptocurrency a  fair valuation of $90,000 per coin, implying that “the forthcoming halving effect has hardly been priced into the current Bitcoin price of approximately USD 8,000.”
  • Ripple Makes Large Acquisition: Last week, fintech upstart Ripple revealed that it had acquired Algrim, a cryptocurrency trading firm based in the Nordic country. This move marks the company’s latest expansion into Europe. According to the announcement, this new team, which formerly focused on developing a crypto trading platform, will be focused on leveraging their skills to develop Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity product, which uses the XRP token as a means to settle and process cross-border payments.

Article Produced By
Nick Chong

Nick has been enamored with cryptocurrencies since finding out about them in 2013. He now reports crypto- and blockchain-related news for a number of leading outlets.

Chris Corey

This Week in Crypto: Bitcoin Narrative Strengthens Amid PayPal Debacle Ethereum Istanbul Nears Bakkt Swells

This Week in Crypto: Bitcoin Narrative Strengthens Amid PayPal Debacle, Ethereum Istanbul Nears, Bakkt Swells


This Week In Crypto is a weekly segment from the Live Coin Watch News team, providing readers with a fun, succinct, and pertinent summary of the most important Bitcoin-related events in the past seven days.

This Week in Crypto:

  • RBC May Launch Crypto Asset Exchange: Reported by The Logic, a Canadian innovation-centric news outlet, Royal Bank of Canada — the country’s largest bank with $660 billion in assets under management — is exploring the creation of a cryptocurrency trading platform for investments in an array of digital assets, purportedly including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Citing four Canadian and American patents that can be found by the public, the outlet reported that the institution is “exploring the creation of a cryptocurrency trading platform for investments as well as in-store and online purchases.” Serving over 16 million customers, RBC’s platform could be a boon for the crypto industry at large. What’s interesting is that this comes after
  • RBC announced last year that:
  • “Effective immediately, RBC will no longer be allowing the use of RBC credit cards for transactions involving cryptocurrency. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.”

  • Chinese Government-Run Xinhua Releases Bitcoin Article: Earlier this week, Xinhua, China’s purportedly most-read news outlet, released an entire article on Bitcoin. The article, whose title roughly translates to “Bitcoin: The First Successful Application of Blockchain Technology,” was seen by many on Twitter as a ground-breaking development. Sure, it did raise awareness of the cryptocurrency, but it wasn’t as bullish as many painted it on Twitter. The article, per some translations online, calls the cryptocurrency “highly concentrated/centralized” phenomena, something that is bad for the climate, and is something “most importantly” used for black market transactions. It also touched on the hyper-volatile nature of the crypto markets.
  • Bakkt to Launch Cash-Settled Futures: As Bakkt’s Bitcoin volumes have swelled to reach over $10 million per day, the company has revealed that it wants to launch cash-settled futures contracts. “We have the intention of offering a cash-settled contract as well,” said Bakkt executive Adam White at a New York conference.
  • Compound Raises $25 Million from Andreessen Horowitz, others: On Thursday, Fortune revealed that Compound — a decentralized platform that allows users to lend out and borrow Ethereum-based assets like ETH itself, USD Coin, Basic Attention Token, and 0x — has secured a $25 million worth of investments from Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z (round leader), Paradigm, Bain Capital Ventures, and Polychain Capital. Compound CEO Robert Leshner explained that his company’s goals will be to be integrated “with crypto exchanges, custodians, and wallets by the end of 2020.
  • Ethereum Istanbul Nears: Speaking of Ethereum, the blockchain’s Istanbul hard fork is slated to take place on December 4th, during the blockchain’s block 9069000. The Istanbul hard fork will introduce six key code changes to Ethereum. One change is EIP 1884, which will “increase the computational costs of recalling data about the ethereum blockchain for application developers,” according to a CoinDesk report.  The other changes are focused on changing gas/price limits for blockchain users.
  • PayPal Stops Pornhub-related Transactions in Move Bullish for Bitcoin: Pornhub recently announced that it will no longer be supported for payments by PayPal. This move will impact thousands of the performers that post videos on the site to garner income. Many have said that this is bullish for the cryptocurrency space, as things like Bitcoin are decentralized, digital, and censorship-resistant alternatives to PayPal.
  • Unknown Fund Looks to Distribute $75 Million in BTC to Privacy Firms: Announced in a press release published to an independent website on November 13th, a group of “ordinary” though anonymous people (seeming crypto whales) plan to invest and donate some $75 million worth of Bitcoin to companies and non-profits looking to aid privacy rights. The group’s name is “Unknown Fund.”
  • Abra Bolster Crypto App by Adding 60 New Digital Assets: Fintech startup Abra is bolstering its U.S. offerings in a move bolstering crypto adoption. According to CoinDesk, the app is adding 60 new cryptocurrencies — including things like Cosmos, MakerDAO’s DAI, and Bitcoin SV — and doubling users’ bank deposit limits. The new assets will eventually be activated for Abra customers outside of the U.S.

Article Produced By
Nick Chong

Nick has been enamored with cryptocurrencies since finding out about them in 2013. He now reports crypto- and blockchain-related news for a number of leading outlets.

Chris Corey

Markethive’s Vision Coming To Light The March To Prominence Illustrated

Markethive’s Vision Coming To Light
The March To Prominence Illustrated

The opportunities and extraordinary value we have here at Markethive are unprecedented and as we move into an age where what the internet is offering just isn’t enough anymore. It’s become too complicated, too expensive and too competitive. Not to mention the personal data breaches and lack of privacy that has become big news and a real controversy. Blockchain technology has made it possible for Markethive to advance and offer far more for far less than any other platform or program out there today. 

Markethive’s vision is to give privacy, autonomy with every opportunity for true wealth via universal income while simplifying the process for anyone to successfully create and operate any business from the Markethive all-in-one platform. This incorporates all inbound marketing tools, including email autoresponders, a stellar blogging platform, Storefronts with eCommerce capabilities, press release, and sponsored article portals, Banner program, and banner slot exchange, a video hub with video advertising, wallet with integrated messaging app and coin exchange plus so much more. 

This puts Markethive in the category of the next generation Market Network and the first to be built on the blockchain. Collaboration and the social media aspect is an integral component and the community spirit is bringing Markethive’s vision to light. Just one of the indicators we have to prove our worth is Markethive’s Alexa Ranking. 


How Important Is The Alexa Ranking?

When Markethive first started tracking their Alexa rank in the Markethive News Feed it was around 80,000. That was a year ago and at that time it was evident we were on the move by looking at our Alexa rank graph. Prior to that, 4 months earlier in May 2018 when the CTO, Douglas Yates came on board and identified the need to move onto the Blockchain and have our own coin Markethive’s ranking was at 145,000. Look at us today and we are not slowing down.

These stats are from


An Evolving Industry

One of the prominent portals Markethive has created is digital media sites. The crypto digital media market has become a very prevalent medium to source information and current news about the crypto and blockchain industry. There are 100’s of crypto media broadcasters competing for traffic and selling ad space, press releases, traffic, etc. Markethive holds the Number 4 position placement in this extremely competitive market. 

Here are the top 12 Digital Media Sites with statistics on their Social Media Following and Alexa Ranking updated on Dec. 4th, 2019

TW: 495K TG: 5,509 RT: 6.1k YT:0 IN:635 LI:793 FB: 31,000 — Social Network Tally Alexa: 549
3 DAYS RUNNING $14,500

TW: 448K TG:81K RT: 2.7K YT:44K IN:58K LI:5.7K FB:719K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 2,622
FEE to publish press release: 0.7 to 1.4 BITCOIN

TW:786K TG:2K RT: BANNED YT:7.5K IN:6.7K LI:12K FB:78K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 6,134

TW:19.2K TG: 3.1K RT: 1552 YT: 5.1K IN: 5.7K LI: 760 FB: 7.7K — Social Network Tally Alexa 12,450

TW: 14K TG:58K RT:2.4K YT:20.6K IN:9.8K LI:3.5K FB:100K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 15,108
Submit your press release for $1,995!

.06 CCN.COM *
TW: 17.4K TG:21K RT: 2.5K YT:16.8K IN:1.2K LI:1.8K FB:26K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 15,665
FEE to publish press release: For $349, you can submit a press release

TW:294 TG:3 RT:1 YT:94 IN:142 LI:232 FB:84 — Social Network Tally Alexa: 15,764
PRESS RELEASE Premium: $9,900

TW:23K TG: 34 RT:316 YT131: IN:532 LI:566 FB:14K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 18,331

TW:69K TG:0 RT:0 YT:6.2K IN:1.4K LI:7K FB:8.3K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 18,733

TW:36K TG:3.4K RT:0 YT:12K IN:54 LI:373 FB:21.4K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 19,915
Sponsored Article via Coinzilla $2000

TW:49K TG:12.6K RT:6 YT:1K IN:607 LI:341 FB:22.4K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 22,569
Press release $999
Sponsored Article $1,750 via Coinzilla
additional $199 to distribute across social media channels:

TW:8.4K TG:4.5K RT:1.1K YT:UNK IN:5.6K LI:1.7K FB:4.4K — Social Network Tally Alexa: 40,350


Notice the blue line on this graph which is CCN*, and how the curve shoots up vertically. This is a very likely indicator that the increase in traffic and ranking they received is not organic. This is usually obtained through artificial hacks that companies can and do hire to gain Alexa Ranking. According to the updated stats, CCN has now dropped to 6th place. Easy come, easy go as they say. 


As our Alexa ranking continues to improve, (which means more traffic) the value of our banner program increases. As of today's ranking, a daily banner ad cost on similar sites is $366 per day (CCN*).  AMBcrypto* which has an Alexa ranking of 40,350 charges $5,500 to run a banner for a full month. So what could Markethive charge? Would you agree that Markethive is in a prime position to command these prices? 

Banner advertising continues to exist and grow stronger because it works. Although you do need a system with plenty of traffic when running your banner ads and this is easily measured with Alexa. So you can see how important this information is to be aware that Markethive is in good standing and chooses to offer Banner Ads, Sponsored Articles, Press Releases for a fraction of the price of its competitors with ever-increasing organic traffic, incredible reach and exposure for the Entrepreneur 1 upgraded Associate. 

Markethive's Entrepreneur 1 Upgrade includes running a banner ad all month long and that’s along with all the other benefits. $100 per month includes the banner ad for a month. Compared to other systems that have only 10% of the traffic as Markethive, the commercial rate is $2500 per month for the same banner offer.



Markethive Banner Exchange Is Coming with Added Benefits 

Markethive is in the process of building the Banner Exchange and also a reseller page for all free or non-Entrepreneur 1 members to purchase banner ad slots from the active Entrepreneur 1 associate who wishes to resell their banner slots. These banner slots will only be available to purchase from current Entrepreneur 1 members. Now that’s a cool little business right there! 

Note: Once the banner reseller control panel is ready to be released, Entrepreneur One Upgrade will be closed to free members and new subscribers. 

Don’t delay it any longer. Upgrade to Entrepreneur One here

Markethive Is Everywhere! 

Another industry where Markethive is making its mark is in Multi-Level Marketing. It currently ranks at Number 3 on Alexa. Notably, Markethive is not an MLM company, but rather a referral company, however as Markethive is a multi-faceted platform to springboard from, we support the genuine MLM companies and the industry on the whole.   

Here are the Top 10 MLM companies Alexa Ranking

  1. Alexa 7,058
  2. Alexa 7,169
  3. Alexa 12,450
  4. Alexa 18,716
  5. Alexa 33,270
  6. Alexa 46,350
  7. Alexa 48,583
  8. Alexa 58,538
  9. Alexa 76,651
  10. Alexa 109,057

The Markethive Difference

Markethive is built on blockchain technology and is community-driven so it makes sense for the company to offer the opportunity to own a piece of this universal platform that is taking the world by storm. These are in the form of an ILP (Incentivized Loan Program)  

So instead of just charging a subscription to all members for the use of the tools as other platforms do, and then venture capitalists taking the shares and profits, Markethive offers these tools free to all members with the option to upgrade and become an early adopter with the advantage of receiving yields of the net profits of the company’s revenue. This is on top of all the other benefits provided with the upgrade.  

Find out more about the 15 points of the Entrepreneur One Upgrade here

The Unfair Advantage Offer

For the month of December 2019 only, free members have the Unfair Advantage of upgrading to Entrepreneur 1 and receiving two 1/10ths of an ILP. That doubles your dividends, providing you stay consistent and current with the monthly payments till December 2020.  

To give you an idea of just how much this is worth, the ILPs are publicly listed at $100,000 at the moment. So 2/10ths of that equals $20,000. A one-year Entrepreneur One subscription paid monthly @ $100 per month is $1200.

As the Founder and CEO Thomas Prendergast exclaimed,

“What in the world? I have lost my mind? No, it is all about the vision.”

The offer purely is a gift, as is the vision of Thomas Prendergast, who will not stop until every living soul has the chance and experience the empowerment that Markethive can bring for the long term. 

This is for everyone, and especially affordable for the little guy and gal, the rank and file. Markethive has made it so easy to be part of the next Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, Cointelegragh, Marketo, Hubspot combined. A fusion of all of these platforms is the next generation built on Blockchain ensuring privacy, autonomy, free speech, wealth and empowerment for all. 

As Thomas says,

“Markethive is your company, your adventure. Some of you have more equity than others, but all members are going to profit from what Markethive is doing.” 

Upgrade now and set yourself and family up for a very bright future.


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams 

A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 




Chris Corey

Markethive Has The Unfair Advantage For You To Double Your Prosperity

Markethive Has The Unfair Advantage For You To Double Your Prosperity

Double Your ILP Benefits! Available Now Till The End Of December This Year 

Something big is happening at Markethive! As announced by Thomas Prendergast, the CEO of Markethive in the video below, he has something very special for all Entrepreneur One Upgrades as a special thank you and appreciation for your loyalty and belief in Markethive. Your steadfast focus on the overall vision and seeing the bigger picture will not go unrewarded. 

Further to that, any new or free member who wishes to upgrade to Entrepreneur One by the end of December 2019 will also be rewarded with the same very generous offer. 


So, What Is The Unfair Advantage Offer? 

For all free members that upgrade to Entrepreneur One @ $100usd per month, we will double your ILP (Incentivized Loan Program) Learn More about the ILP here.  What this means is if you stay active with your monthly payment for a consecutive 12 month period, you will receive not one, but two 1/10th shares of an ILP. 

The same offer applies to our already upgraded Entrepreneur One associates. 


The ILP will be limited to 1000 shares which represent 20% of the net revenue of the company. If LinkedIn had offered this opportunity to its members back in the day, that would mean a cool $36,000 a month for each member holding a 1/10th of an ILP share. Currently, LinkedIn is generating $1.8 Billion a quarter in revenue and keep in mind, Markethive is poised to be as big if not bigger than LinkedIn. 

We are currently at 100,000 unique visitors a day and Markethive’s Alexa ranking puts it in the top 2, 3 or 4 of many 1000’s of systems on the internet. 

The statistics in the image below are in the crypto digital media market. Where there are over 100s of crypto media broadcasters competing for traffic and selling ad space, press releases, traffic, etc. Markethive has risen to number 4 placement in this extremely competitive market.

Markethive also ranks number 3 in the top 10 MLM companies. Even though Markethive is not an MLM company we do support the industry and have more traffic than 99% of the MLM industry!  So we are definitely on our way to be the very lucrative decentralized safe haven for all budding and seasoned entrepreneurs being the first Market Network built on the blockchain offering universal income in the form of faucets, infinity airdrops, and loyalty programs. No one else offers anything like this at this magnitude! 

What Else In It For You? 

There are so many benefits to being an E1 upgrade apart from the extra products and services you receive with Markethive’s inbound marketing platform, like unlimited autoresponders, email broadcasting, Banner Ad program and eCommerce friendly Storefronts with API driven architecture to name a few. 


Banner Program Exchange

Soon Markethive will be launching the Banner Program Exchange which will allow all Entrepreneur One associates to sell their share of impressions on the banner allotments which can equate to around $3000 – $4000 a month income for you, just for selling your unwanted impressions for that month. The impressions of your banner allotments are also available to free members to purchase. This alone opens up a very lucrative source of income for E1 upgrades. 


But Wait, There’s More 

This even gets more exciting when we deliver the Markethive Press Release System and floating video system. (more on that later) And of course the matching bonus of 500 MHV coins you receive when your referrals sign up in Markethive, which is a great way to accumulate your coins before the introduction of the wallet and Markethive Exchange

Check out this short video by Thomas Prendergast explaining the unique ILP doubler offer…



The Unfair Advantage Offer is for a limited time during the month of December 2019 for any free members who haven’t taken advantage of the Entrepreneur One upgrade as yet. To the rest of you E1s, by keeping current with your monthly payments, that also sets you up to receive an extra 1/10th of an ILP at the end of 2020. 

The chance to upgrade to the whole E1 loyalty program will cease once Markethive reaches 1000 ILPs. We are still in BETA and you are the early adopters of this next generation web 3.0 platform and like the limited number of fat cat investors/shareholders at LinkedIn and Facebook, you will get your share of the profits. The only difference is you are the community that has been given an equal, and affordable opportunity that other major tech giants have overlooked. 

Markethive is built for the people, by the people and is of the people. The entrepreneurs who see the magnanimity of Markethive are the fabric that will help Markethive reach their goals including the launch of the wallet so much faster and everyone will benefit. It is going to explode in growth and you have the advantage of riding this wave.

So now is the time to get the unfair advantage and receive double the benefits with the ILP, available till the end of this year 2019. This is an incredible offer, don’t miss out. This link will take you to the Entrepreneur 1 Upgrade page of Markethive where the video explains what you get and how to register for your piece of Markethive along with an exciting future in this blockchain age of the world’s first social market network. 

Merry Christmas to You All!!


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams 

A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 


Chris Corey

The Evolution Of The Markethive ILP

The Evolution Of The Markethive ILP

What is an Incentivized Loan Program™(ILP™)?

An Incentivized Loan Program ™ works similarly to a traditional promissory note. It is a method of crowdfunding in which lenders and borrowers enter into loan agreements through legally binding smart contracts.  As Markethive is built on the Blockchain, these contracts cannot be altered so they provide a level of security for the creditor that they can rely on. 

ILPs work by simply providing a way for creditors, (in this case, Markethive Members), to lend money to a company or project (Markethive), after entering into an agreement. The terms of such agreements are stipulated and embedded in a smart contract, stored on a blockchain for reference. This method provides an alternative way for companies to raise funds while leveraging blockchain technology. 


Markethive HQ In Wyoming, USA

Although Markethive is a global company and will have mining hives and crypto exchanges worldwide, its headquarters reside in Wyoming. Notably, as published in Forbes, Wyoming is the only US state that provides a comprehensive, welcoming legal framework that enables blockchain technology, both for individuals and companies. This is good news for Markethive and its community. 

Matthew D. Kaufman of Hathaway & Kunz, LLP, The Wyoming Law Firm™ and also the Lawyer retained by Markethive states that “…Wyoming is one of the most blockchain-friendly states in the United States…”


What Are The Benefits Of An ILP?

One of the key benefits of ILPs is the fact they are a form of a loan. These kinds of funds are not taxed as is the case with ICO funding in some jurisdictions where it can be up to 40% as it is seen as income. Due to the crowdfunding aspect of the ILP, it is considered as a loan hence  It is completely and totally compliant to the regulatory and UCC code which means it is not a security. The Incentivized Loan Program ™ is within the legal parameters (UCC) that govern the mainstream credit market. Markethive Members who decide to take part in this program are assured that their funds are well protected and cannot dissolve without a trace as seen by some ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering Projects) in the past.

ILPs are also regulatory friendly, in that they can be compliant even with the most stringent regulatory frameworks around the world when it comes to fraud and money laundering. Participants are required to submit identification to show who they are. This solves one of the biggest issues that have seen regulators criticize ICOs severely.

Furthermore, Markethive’s platform is completely incentivized, meaning all activities by users are rewarded with Markethive Coins (MHV). This pertains to all members not just ILP holders. While Markethive continues to enhance its system, moving forward with the implementation of numerous portals and hubs, also meeting the milestones laid out in the White Paper with the funds being provided, it is simultaneously building a complete ecosystem and already generating revenue. 


The ILP is not based on speculation but based on performance

Markethive’s ILP means Incentivized Loan Program. Operated independently from or in tandem with crowdfunding, the ILPs comparison to the speculative nature of the ICO and IEO ends there.  To find out more about how ICOs and IEOs work Check out this article 

Simply put the ILP means you are lending Markethive money via terms within a smart contract. With attractive interest and loan repayments based on Markethive growth milestones, the ILP also offers and incentive a perk as it is, of a token. This token is based on 1 full token equals one share of about 1000 assigned shares. These shares “share” 20% of the company’s revenue. Revenue projections are based on 4 years of operations with established growth rates in membership signups, revenue upgrades, and Alexa growth. In other words, traction.

Usually, there is zero protection for investors when it comes to investing in ICOs. Startups that issue tokens in lieu of funding often don’t provide anything in return that investors can claim to be a company’s assets or equity. These tokens are generally overhyped and investments are based on speculation. The ILP should appeal to the masses as its value is tied to the performance of the company rather than a token on offer as is the case with ICOs. What this means is that creditors will always enjoy a form of return in the way of interest from the net profit generated by the company after their loan is reimbursed. 


Markethive Hits The Mark

It was just a matter of time and some forward-thinking for the Blockchain and crypto to be integrated into Inbound Marketing and Social Media. It’s not just for the benefit of supply chain industries or crypto traders anymore. Blockchain-based technologies can provide marketers, bloggers, commercial artists, in fact, anyone on social media or marketing platforms, with greater benefits for their products and services such as fairness and honesty, freedom, better cost control, heightened security, and privacy

Below is a video by CEO Thomas Prendergast and CTO Douglas Yates, explaining all the added benefits of the Incentivized Load Program and Entrepreneur Upgrade. 

In Markethive’s case, ILPs are an effective way to engage individuals globally, who otherwise wouldn’t have the funds to participate, given that an IPO often asks for a hefty minimum dollar value. Markethive is one of the first to offer an ILP and will be one of the first companies to raise capital by decentralized crowdfunding of debt.
Albeit still in Beta, Markethive is already in operation, earning revenue and has a hybrid mixture of a full suite of inbound marketing tools and digital media sites with a dynamic integrated social network, the ILP will take the company to the next level. 

Here is a summary of some of Markethive’s accomplishments to date; 

  1. Proven Executive Team that has taken the first version of Markethive (Veretek, Inc) to over $50M in revenue per year, services over 200,000 members and 90 different companies.
  2. Through Markethive’s proprietary Incentive Loan Program, we have raised over $500K.
  3. Markethive has been in BETA for 4 years and at the end of 2018 had 2,000 members, to date we are approaching 60,000 members.
  4. At the end of 2018, Markethive was generating about $1,800 per month in revenue, to date we are approaching $12K in monthly recurring revenue.  We also have added 4 more revenue streams. We are increasing our revenue at a rate of approx. 30%-40% each month.
  5. Per and, Markethive has members in 187 countries. 
  6. Per domain’s raw worth is $2,360,800M up from 950K at the end of 2018.
  7. Per Markethive’s consumer coin has a market cap of $18.7B.
  8. Per Alexa rating, we have risen to 4th in the category of Blockchain Media sites with an Alexa rating of 12,379, up from 50,000 at the end of 2018.
  9. According to Cloudflare statistics, is receiving over 95,000 unique visitors a day and over 1M page hits each day.
  10. A total social reach of over 40K people and growing every day, add that to our community reach of over 60K+, then by the end of the year we project a reach of over 333 Million social media/internet users

Markethive has produced 2 coins. 

Markethive Coin (MHV) is a consumer coin. Used internally, it will create universal income for the user and a complete ecosystem for the entrepreneur, including the eCommerce portals to be implemented in due course. Plus the added benefit of liquidity once the  Markethive Exchange and e-wallet are implemented. 

Hive Foundation Shares (HFS) which is the FLAT, (Future Loan Access Tokens). HFS gives creditors the right to transfer loans to others, using Markethive’s Internal Exchange which requires members of that exchange to have a verified (KYC) Markethive account and Markethive wallet. (Currently in development)

The Markethive team says, “ILP provides a fast track alternative so more time and energy can be spent on business development. Last, but not least, because ILP is in the form of loans, it is considered to be debt, and not subject to tax.”

How does it work? 

The company first ask the creditors to register their identification, address and other information.

Then, they will digitally sign the loan agreement and send the nominated funds to Markethive’s registered account. Once the payment is received, the contract is made.

That means Markethive’s ILP holders will receive their prorated portion of 20 percent of Markethive’s net profit.  Initially, paying back the principle then payments continue for the duration of the agreement as interest payments. After the loan contract is made, Markethive will issue the Hive Foundation Shares.


In summary, The Incentivized Loan Program's key benefits are…

  • It's a debt instrument and not subject to tax and it compliant with the USA UCC code governing debt instruments. 
  • The company doesn't need to create tokens that are speculative and actually have no use.
  • It is open to individuals around the world as loans are allowed almost everywhere.
  • After the principal is paid you earn interest and will share in the success of the company. 
  • Very Easy to Participate – There are two options
  1. Sign up at for a FREE membership and then upgrade to the Entrepreneur level (available only to the first 1000 upgrades).  After every continuous year, you will receive a 1/10 of a full ILP and after 10 years you can accommodate a full ILP token.
  2. Or Purchase an ILP outright (priorities are given to ILP purchasers) Contact Douglas @

Secure your future with the next generation Social Market Network offering you the perfect system for real long-term success, financial freedom, and a place you can call home. This is truly the complete ecosystem for entrepreneurs. 



ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams 

A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 




Chris Corey