MARKETHIVE EMAIL SYSTEM Powerful Reliable And Ethical

MARKETHIVE EMAIL SYSTEM Powerful, Reliable And Ethical

The benefit of the Markethive Autoresponder is probably one of the most powerful aspects of our inbound marketing system. Our leads associate capture funnel systems unique method of using social networks to join Markethive and any other business you conduct from your Storefront within the Markethive platform ensures that Markethive produces an emailing system that delivers your messages within seconds to 97% of your recipients’ account with a 100% delivery to their INBOX. 

Note: The other 3% is usually because the recipients’ inbox is full and cannot receive any more emails.  

The Markethive Autoresponder System has been established for more than 20 years. The founder and CEO of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast invented the first autoresponder, then refined and established the email system and the concept of Automated Marketing which is now called Inbound Marketing. 

The Reality Of Email Delivery

We’d all like to think our messages reach our customers’ inbox but the reality is 1 in 5 don’t in many autoresponder systems. The unfortunate side of email is spam and although spam filters do a good job of detecting junk and send it straight to the spam folder, many organizations’ legitimate emails end up in the spam folder. If your subscribers don’t see your emails, they can’t open, click or convert. 

Emails that are able to make it past the gateway and spam filters are delivered to the inbox. Emails that are deemed malicious or untrustworthy are very often blocked at the gateway or sent straight to the spam folder. The spam filters look at the reputation of the sender, subscriber engagement and content to decide if it should be placed in the inbox or spam folder. 

Now Considered Old School

Email deliverability rates can really make or break an email marketing campaign. Primarily, email campaigns and autoresponders use a capture page opt-in form to collect data, being a name, email and often times a phone number. This takes time and usually a number of steps to complete. You then in some cases need to go to your email to verify it. It is well documented that the more steps in the signup form process, the more likely prospects will be lost for lack of follow-through. Email verification can reduce lead conversion up to 50%, delayed verification and delivery to spam folder reduce conversion up to 90%. 


Email Delivery A Top Priority

The delivery of email is paramount and a top priority at Markethive. We have dispensed the "old school" process of email verification replacing it with instantaneous “One Click” subscriptions, so we can now concentrate on delivering your autoresponders and email broadcasts out to your lead databases. 

This virtually guarantees the data is legitimate and the email is clean and not from a spam trap often acquired through website harvesting. The actions available to build email lists in Markethive are via Markethive Capture Widgets, Markethive Capture Pages, Markethive Blogs, and Markethive Profile Pages. This guarantees email quality and delivers to the members of Markethive, their subscribers and lead prospects’ email delivery “to the Inbox” of nearly 100%. 


Markethive Autoresponder Basic setup

Below is a video explaining the basics of setting up your autoresponder.


The whole purpose behind this is not to spam people or hit them with messages they don’t want, but to produce quality material that helps educate people and those who are looking for answers to their particular problem through systems like this.  By using these methods you establish authority and the credibility that your sphere of Influence you create will appreciate what you are doing.

  • Also, be sure to go to the Tutorial Group in Markethive where you will find numerous short and on-point video tutorials to learn how to get started and engage in all the facets Markethive offers. These will eventually be integrated into the Automated Tutorial System where you will be paid via our Micropayment Faucet in MHV Coin for taking each step in the program.  


Acceptable Or Unethical? You Decide…

Although it can satisfy your curiosity to track and know who clicked on your emails, this can only be achieved through sprites that are commonly used in some email systems which is essentially spying on the recipient. The email software adds a tiny invisible image to the body of your email. This is often called a web beacon or tracking pixel. 

Good marketing practices breed a good reputation. We do not engage in shifty and sneaky practices. We do not send email from our system with hidden spy images. We do not report to our subscribers what you view, what you clicked or looked at on any given day. 


What we do offer is a complete Market Network with everything under one roof to be able to conduct any business without having to go to individual vertical platforms for your marketing tools.  Just knowing you have a delivery rate of 100% to the inbox and a good reputation with the Markethive Email System is much better than a hit and miss scenario other systems suffer from due to their practices. You can track your productivity through the Markethive Analytics Integration solely built for you and your URLs. 

Markethive’s email and autoresponder systems are built for beginners through to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners at any level. It has utilized the OAuth technology to capture data via capture widgets through a choice of Social Media or verified email accounts situated on your capture pages, blogs, and profile pages. 



Markethive embraces OAuth and Blockchain technology as it keeps all your data and hard work under your control. It cannot be deleted by anyone else but you. This process also prevents 3rd parties from tracking you on our secure distributed security data system.   So when registering and utilizing the complete marketing system within Markethive to build your business, including the autoresponder system (CRM and CMS)  your security and autonomy are our highest priority. Gone from our system is the aged old and nonsecure process of entering fields with your name, email, and phone, etc, coupled with a verification email and validation link. 

The advent of the blockchain adds several new twists and may serve to be the disruption that has been overdue for marketers and advertisers that are looking to take their targeted campaigns to the next level. We are in for a ride over the next couple of years as technologies like blockchain slip into every facet of our lives. It’s not the strongest who survive or smartest, but the most adaptable.


ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Deb Williams
A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 

Chris Corey

UK Offers 130K for Software to Trace Crypto Transactions

UK Offers $130K for Software to Trace Crypto Transactions

Tax authorities in the UK are seeking bids for software that will track cryptocurrency transactions linked to illicit activities.

One thing that authorities do when dealing with crime is to follow the money. Nothing helps ensure catching criminals and bringing them to justice than following a trail of financial transactions. Cryptocurrency offers a troubling wrinkle to authorities due to its somewhat anonymous nature. Tax authorities in the UK are seeking to remedy this situation by offering developers US$130,000 to create software that will track and trace cryptocurrency transactions, particularly those transactions that are of an illicit nature.

Crypto Anarchy in the UK

The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) department have posted a listing seeking applicants for this tracking endeavor. The agency is looking for software that will track and trace Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, and Litecoin. Of particular interest to the HMRC are privacy coins, such as Monero, Dash, and Zcash. The goal is to link the cryptocurrency transactions with the individuals making them. The HMRC is undertaking this route in order to combat those evading paying the proper taxes on their cryptocurrency gains as well as individuals using service providers that offer mixing, dark market, and gambling services.

The proposal by the HMRC states:

Crypto assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, provide a means to transfer value between interacting parties. Also known as virtual and crypto currencies, these services are increasingly used for a range of purposes, from international money transfers, sales of digital services, paying staff, and tax evasion and money laundering.

Deadline Looming

The submission deadline for this proposal by the UK tax agency is January 31, 2020. Evaluation of the submissions will take place from January 30 through February 2, with moderation occurring on February 2. The 12-month contract will begin on February 17, 2020. If there is one thing that central governments hate, it is not getting the total amount of taxes they feel it is owed. As cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream acceptance, it should be expected that governmental tax agencies will want to keep tabs on how much people make or lose on virtual currencies. The IRS in the United States already went down this road when it got account information from Coinbase back in 2018. Last year, the IRS used the information gained to send out letters to thousands of crypto traders, informing them that they may (or do) owe taxes.Images courtesy of Pixabay.

Article Produced By
Jeff Francis

A few years back, Jeff began hearing about Bitcoin and the rise of other cryptocurrencies. A proponent of allowing people to take economic power into their own hands, he has enthusiastically supported cryptocurrencies and the many benefits of blockchain technology. This interest propelled him to becoming a writer for, and later editor of, several crypto-focused websites. His goal with BitcoinerX is to provide timely news and analysis in an entertaining manner.

Chris Corey

Elon Musk Says Cryptocurrency Could Replace Cash

Elon Musk Says Cryptocurrency Could Replace Cash

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on a podcast that cryptocurrency could replace cash but that he is “neither here nor there on Bitcoin.

It’s always fascinating to see the opinions of successful entrepreneurs in regards to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For example, NBA Mavericks owner and Shark Tank member Mark Cuban prefers gold to Bitcoin. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has a more favorable view of virtual currencies. He recently said on the Third Row Tesla Podcast that he believes cryptocurrencies could replace cash.

‘Neither Here nor There’

The subject of Bitcoin was raised during the podcast. Elon Musk was asked why he loves code but is not bullish on Bitcoin. His reply was that he was “neither here nor there” on Bitcoin. However, he did admit that the whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto was “pretty clever.” Musk went on to say that he does envision cryptocurrency becoming “effectively a replacement for cash.” This does not mean that he sees Bitcoin being all-conquering. Instead, he thinks Bitcoin will not become a primary financial database due to its utility being limited.

As for cash, Musk brings up the fact that it is becoming increasingly harder to use cash in everyday life. He points out that there are businesses that no longer accept cash payments. (It should be pointed out that businesses in the United States are obligated to accept fiat to settle debts, but the reality is that there are lots of establishments that now only accept debit and credit card payments.)

Elon Musk on Illegality

The primary concern that the Tesla CEO sees with cryptocurrency is it being used for illegal transactions. He states:

This sort of gets the crypto people angry, but there are transactions that are not within the balance of the law … and there are, obviously, many laws in different countries. And, normally, cash is used for these transactions. But, in order for illegal transactions to occur, cash must also be used for legal transactions. You need an illegal-to-legal bridge. That’s where crypto comes in.

Musk does add that he is not being judgmental of cryptocurrency. He believes that many things that are deemed illegal by governments should not be. While not being bullish on Bitcoin, it is interesting that Elon Musk is taking cryptocurrency seriously. Of course, he has no need to dabble in investing in crypto as he is currently worth just over US$31 billion. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is currently trading at $8,323, a drop of 3.10% over the last 24 hours.

Article Produced By
Jeff Francis

Chris Corey

2020 the year of Markethive has arrived

Alexa Rank reached so far

Markethive runs with the Big Dogs now, here are the reasons

Alexa ranking is now under 10,000 (8,965 at this writing) which means
150,000+ unique daily visitors (internal data confirmed by WorthofWeb )
Over 20 million monthly impressions
Domain worth over $4 million just based on traffic
Similar Banner programs to Markethive cost $15,000 and up to run a full month.

CoinMarketCap Alexa 584 Cost for full month ad $285,808 USD

Contelegraph Alexa 2,795 Cost for full month ad $21,000 USD
Warriorforum Alexa 4,340  Cost for full month ad $38,700 USD

Coingecko Alexa 6,645 Cost for full month ad $33,488 USD

Newsarama Alexa 16,249 Cost for full month ad $17,847


The Banner Exchange
(One of the many benefits of our first loyalty program)

The upgrade to Entrepreneur One gives exclusive reseller rights to Markethive’s total site impressions. Each limited E1 (Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program) will max out at 500 subscriptions. With this scenario, as Markethive has already reached massive traffic and continues the meteoric climb, we can assume that by the end of the year, Markethive traffic will reach into the altitudes of Alexa rankings similar to our exceeding CoinTelegraph (Estimated impressions per month: 255,735,720) and WarriorForum (.Estimated impressions per month: 71,503,740).

Markethive is projected to reach somewhere within that range by years end. Even at todays impressions of over 20 million per month, the earnings just from reselling ad impressions per E! subscriptions, based on the max of 500 subscriptions would earn to day over $2000 per month and projected to climb to between $7,500 to $25,500 based on .05 per impression. Even lowering that estimation to just a penny per impression still yields a major profitable return. This is what drives Markethive, to build real business solutions for our members. It is the core of the Loyalty programs. To join the limited Entrepreneur One (E1) loyaty program just navigate to (make sure you are logged in first) and join the program. It is limited to 500 and these accounts are going fast.


New Video System

Markethive has begun our migration to our own video system. No longer required for you to connect your Youtube account to Markethive to display videos, now any video can be displayed throughout your system with just simply adding the videos link at the point of post.

This is all in preparation for Markethive launching our own video platform at This new system will have the following features built into it.

  1. Live video broadcasting and publishing to the top 5 video systems (depending upon your registering your account to Markethive. Youtube | Vimeo | Dailymotion | Facebook | Twitch.
  2. Your Video channel will include a live newsfeed other members can post to similar to Youtubes Community channel but will also allow remote publishing from other networks.
  3. Auto publishing to 20 video and social platforms with one upload to Markethive.
  4. Produce live interactive web conferences as the web conference system will integrated into Markethive’s video platform. Recording and broadcasting built into the system

Markethive’s old Youtube API system has been removed. If you had archived videos within that system, you will have to start a new with the new system as it was not possible to transfer the old system over due to Youtube preventing us from accessing the required account codes to do so. We apologize for this disruption, but it was not possible to move forward without this disruption.


Public Crowd Funding

We are going to launch our official crowd funding campaign this first quarter of the year. This means a significant ICO style marketing campaign, utilizing a top industry consultant, influencer Youtube channels, and press releases. The traffic will flow to our crowd funding site, which will be replicated for all Entrepreneur One loyalty members and will also rotate all the traffic to the root domain to be shared with active Entrepreneur One loyalty members. There is a major benefit to the EI loyalty members and that is receiving a matching bonus for all ILP’s that are acquired through the campaign site. What this means as Markethive acquires more ILP members, our Entrepreneur One loyalty members will receive matching ILP shares.

Crowd Funding will drive new business via new traffic from well targeted audiences. We have literally been preparing for t5his launch for several years. We are very close to launching our first wallet allowing certified members to transfer coin to exclusive exchanges. Markethive and our dynamic ecosystem is about to become mainstream. We are targeting gaining over 1 million new members during this campaign.

If you want to be part of this, you need to be upgraded to the Entrepreneur One loyalty program found at (must be logged in) .
This is our first loyalty program and will be our most lucrative. It is also limited to 500 members, after number 500 upgrades, it will never be available again.


Listing on Exchanges

We are now aggressively working to get the MHV coin listed on a few top exchanges. This should go pretty fast as the integrity of the MHV coin is stellar. Highly ranked Alexa score. Millions of coin transactions on the blockchain. A growing active community. A massive amount of positive articles on thousands of media sites, press releases, forums, etc. An A+ BBB rating. An active and running system.

Example of the requirements as stated from Poloniex:

Straight from their websites: “We don’t have a definitive set of criteria as each project is unique. We listen to the community and select projects that we believe are unique, innovative, and that our users would be interested in trading.” If your coin isn’t complete vaporware and has real demand, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting it listed. Poloniex cautions they cannot list coins that resemble securities. Their website explicitly mentions The Howey Test. Assuming you read our Guide to Launching an ICO, you know the importance of the Howey Test. But just in case you need a refresher: The Howey Test was a precedent from a 1946 Supreme Court case. The ruling gave the SEC guidelines as to what could be considered a security. So, make sure your coin doesn’t resemble one.

The leads or other developers of your coin must have fully verified accounts on Poloniex. With new coins trying to get listed daily, it would be arduous for the Poloniex team to manually verify the identity of everyone submitting. Poloniex does not require or accept payment for listing, so you don’t have to budget for that to get your coin on the exchange. The process is relatively simple.

Here is the link and as you can see, we will cruise easily through this process of getting listed.

Which now leads us to….

The Wallet Loyalty Program release

Our wallet is going to be released in phases or waves so to speak. The first release will make the wallet available to Entrepreneur One Loyalty Members. This release is imminent. The next release will be rolled out after the Vault is completed and will be included in Markethive’s entry loyalty program.

The “apprentice” loyalty program is in the works and will be released soon, but as far as date setting goes, we do not do it. I will expand more on our new loyalty programs here in the near future.

Eventually the wallet will be open to everyone, but government regulations are slowing it down.


The Loyalty programs

Markethive’s first and enterprise level loyalty program is the Entrepreneur One Loyalty program. It includes every current and coming platforms like the Banner exchange, the Press release exchange, the video ad exchange, the social network broadcast exchange, the NewsFeed Boosts and the list will be infinite. It also rewards 12 months with a 1/10th ILP (Incentivized Loan Program). It is limited to 500 members.

Once filled Entrepreneur Two will be released, it will cost more, will not include the banner exchange and the 12 month loyalty reward is reduced to 1/20th of an ILP. It will be limited to 1000 people.

The Entrepreneur Loyalty Program will continue to release different levels as the company expands it’s services.

There will also be an entry level loyalty program (apprentice) as well as a mid-level one (journey). The entry level will have a handful of benefits, like a matching bonus lock, the wallet a dn access to membership searches, messaging and deeper analysis of who has visited your blogs and profile page.

The mid-level loyalty program (journey) will be focused on delivering the same benefits as the entry program and in addition greater rewards for completing the automated tutorials and blogging and blog subscribing.

Loyalty programs reward you for making a monthly monetary commitment to Markethive. Loyalty programs give you greater advantage, reach and benefits free members do not receive. Similar to LinkedIn.


Pruning Policy

Markethive does not terminate accounts based on behaviour, or policy violations. If you want your account deleted, only you can do so. There are two ways to delete (completely removing all your content, videos, blogs, newsfeed posts and comments, coins, friends, associates, etc.

  1. Log in and go to Settings ( > Profile Page and click the delete Account link and confirm 2 times and your system will be completely purged and all activities and remnants of your existence in Markethive will be gone, forever with no options to restore. Or….
  2. Do not login for over 6 months and your account will automatically be pruned, terminated all evidence, friends, associates, coins, holdings record, images, videos, (everything just like delete above) will be deleted permanently with no options to restore. This is because we are going to be enacting KYC to make sure all members are legitimate members, to prevent scamming and fraud from the system. This will also satisfy the ever encroaching anti-terrorist laws of the United States and other world principalities.
  3. If you were a BOD holder from the defunct Shell Holdings, your BOD was grandfathered over to Markethive and converted to an ILP. If you terminate or allow your account to be pruned, you will have forfeited that conversion with no ability to retrieve it. It would be wise to pay attention, because Markethive is going to achieve success.

If you have not logged in in a long time, yet received this email, then it would be an urgent matter to log in sooner than later. If your account has already been pruned, due to not logging in over 6 months, then you will not receive this email.

We project Markethive will achieve over 1 million subscribers or more by years end of 2020. We do pray you will stay the course with us.


Our Support dedication

We are currently using Telegram for our support, which runs 24/7. It is a community based system, so all support issues are broadcasted to the entire Telegram group members. Full transparency and allows us to deliver to you a better support experience than found anywhere else. Consider Facebook, Google, LinkiedIn, Uber and Twitter having some of the lowest rating for support, Google support is a number that never answers and an email that never get’s returned and a forum that is never responded to.

But the mother of all worse support is IBOtoolbox. The only satisfaction you will ever get there is they use Paypal and when you do a chargeback, they do not even repond to it, so you can always get your payment returned. The humorous part is their support forum is over run by spammers and porn/ Honestly, how can companies behave so callously and stay in business. Now to be fair…

There are companies out there with incredible support and on my top of the list is Knownhost. They only support via email, but are fast, responsive and effective. This is why after 10 years I still host all my non Markethive domains with them. I give then an A PLUS! Amazon is another stellar company in the support field and deserve an A PLUS as well. I am never dissatisfied when I need to contact them, ever! And second place goes to GoDaddy where they annoy me a little bit with their interface, their support is quick, intelligent and responsive, so I give them an A.

I was raised in my early years of business by a wealthy business man who drove into my head, deliver the very best quality backed up by the very best service and support and you will be successful. Simple as that, and that is Markethive!


Focus on Quality is our prime objective

It may have taken us 20 years to build Markethive, but not only is Markethive innovation above and beyond any potential competitor, but attention to excellence and perfection are built into our DNA. We are never satisfied with “Good Enough” or even worse, “What do you expect for free?” We are dedicated to deliver the very best quality systems and we compete within ourselves, rarely paying attention to how others may try to do it. Innovation, not replication, quality instead of mediocrity, offering tutorials to help gain understanding and perspective creating loyalty, yep this is Markethive and it belongs to you our members as well.


Building a Nurturing Culture

Requiring all members to validate their true identity is done to make sure the culture in Markethive is populated with real people revealing their real identity. This is done to prevent hacking, scamming and criminal activities. A true validated identity fosters trust and relationships. KYC also makes it easier for Markethive to operate worldwide especially within those countries who have set up severe obstacles in regards to crypto and their KYC|AML regulations. Case in point is this article

Deribit Releases Specifics of New KYC Policy Following Move to Panama

Deribit, a crypto futures and options exchange that is moving from the Netherlands to Panama to avoid Europe’s new Anti-Money Laundering law has released its newly updated Know Your Customer (KYC) policy.

In a Jan. 17 blog post, Deribit clearly said that its relocation to Panama has been mainly caused by the new Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), a major European law that aims to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing by stricter regulation of crypto-related businesses.


Markethive is delivering a unique system, where our coin is not for the sake of raising funds, like every other crypto enterprise, but to fuel our own ecosystem. Here is the basics of our system as simply as I can illustrate it.

  1. We are populated with likeminded entrepreneurial people from all walks of life, from every country in the world. A true melting pot all with a desire to achieve financial freedom and economic sovereignty.
  2. Markethive offers an Inbound Marketing platform on par with the best platforms like Marketo (recently sold to Adobe for $4.75 billion). Inbound Marketing platforms include: Customer | Lead acquisition and management systems (CMS); Email broadcasting and autoresponders; Lead capture funnel pages; Landing and sales pages; Community based (exclusive to Markethive) Social Network broadcasting (like Hootsuit); Blogging platform (exclusive Markethive feature broadcasting to subscribers WordPress); Automated educational tutorials (exclusive to Markethive); Lead associates nurturing (exclusive to Markethive your leads or associates,  “members” are offered to get paid to use the system, take the tutorials and promote the system subscribe to your social networks and engage in the community.); Content production via blogs, and a whole lot more in building and maintaining campaigns, coops, rotational traffic, etc.
  3. Store Fronts that integrate referral accounts, shopping carts, recruiting pages, integrated Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc., selling platforms.
  4. Production of digital media content from a large population of members that pays you to subscribe and pays you to publish. Where best content gets added to the Markethive distributions systems earning even more for the producers.
  5. Community based News Feeds, groups and support platforms that build a community as well as Internet reach and seo dominance (exclusive Markethive service)
  6. Advertising services

Building an empowered community is the primary vision of Markethive. Incentivized, ongoing training, comradery, common mission, integrated growing community. It is being the building of the community with access to these powerful tools and commerce platforms that delivers unparalleled results.

Markethive has produced the ability for every individual in every diverse culture in every country the ability to build a real financial solution, a sovereign freedom that this system offers; that no other system has envisioned or come close to achieving.

And that is a nurturing culture and is exactly why Markethive is dedicated to create and is delivering; a real membership of verified and validated likeminded members.


Markethive Morning live broadcasts

Markethive will be broadcasting live video broadcast talk shows several times per week. They will be live video broadcasts and will be broadcasting from the Markethive Newsfeed for now as well os direct via Youtube.

These broadcasts will be called Markethive Live until we come up with a better brand. Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section of this blog.

See you all there


Thomas Prendergast


Chris Corey

Bitcoin Price Hits Bottom Says Peter Brandt

Bitcoin Price Hits Bottom Says Peter Brandt

All the BTC investors who were waiting for the price dip to even $6000 have missed their opportunity says a veteran trader Peter Brandt.

All the BTC investors who were waiting for the price dip to even $6000 have missed their opportunity says a veteran trader Peter Brandt.
As per a recent discussion on the 17th of Jan Stalwart said that the pairs like BTC/USD have already hit their bars. Brandt gave the conclusion that all the weak hands are out of the market now only the stronger hands are surviving in the market. With this, he continued that all now wanted a sit back and have a break at $6,000 and $5,000 but now they have missed the bottom. Being a long-time Bitcoin advocate, he shared his sentiments of him being changed in late 2019 that there remains a chance of Bitcoin to go in the lower lowes in 2020 and for this, he thanked a novice investors to whom he described as “cryptocultists”

Back in early 2018, just a month after Bitcoin reached an all-time high $20,000, Brandt already warned that the market won’t be going any higher and it would likely to retract and hit local lows as $3,100 which was 84.5% lower that year. Brandt also has some suggestions for those who are interested in what Bitcoin offers, he advised them to have at least 10-20% of the ownership of the capital that they could commit to the Currency on a bigger perspective. As of now, Bitcoin has already sealed monthly gains of around 35% having progress of 25% alone in 2020. While the latest statistics and data suggest that the Bitcoin extends a lot more beyond the customer’s need.

Article Produced By
Harsh Sangwan

Chris Corey

Blockchain Solutions To Improve Government Schools Says Indian IT Minister

Blockchain Solutions To Improve Government Schools Says Indian IT Minister

Recently the Indian Telecoms and IT Minister,

Ravi Shankar Prasad has tasked the NIC (National Informatics Centre) with the development of a Blockchain-Based solution for a sheer cause of improving the quality of the government schools. As per the reports on the 20th of Jan by the Press Trust of India, the minister has already made the request at the Blockchain Technology Excellence that has been set up in Bengaluru on the 18th of Jan. Since the blockchain technology has been challenged to transform education taking further action on this the NIC and local state authorities have opened their doors for startups to work under certain predefined norms.

While adding further to this Ravi Shankar Prasad added:

“I am very keen on how we can leverage blockchain in primary education. In fact today I am going to give you a task, NIC team. Can you think of a good application of blockchain technology for improving the quality of government schools all over the country?”

Tho he agreed that both private and government schools are good but he believed that leveraging the blockchain technology could be a transformational change in the field of education. The startups, as usual, would play the key role, as India alone is home to around 26,000 start-ups, having 9,000 alone in the tech sector, therefore Prasad urged NIC to develop such a mechanism so as to include these start-ups in its technology space since NIC has turned out to be a good patron of the startup movement. Although the Indian authorities are getting behind in the field of blockchain technologies as the cryptocurrency has had a bumpier ride in the country.Harsh Sangwan is a Crypto enthusiastic, Bitmex Trader, Blogger and Youtuber. Love to write about market conditions and forecasts.

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Harsh Sangwan

Chris Corey

US Beer King Anheuser-Busch Invests in Blockchain to Help the Unbanked

US Beer King Anheuser-Busch Invests in Blockchain to Help the Unbanked

The king of beer in the US and parent company to Budweiser has announced a new investment into blockchain

technology that will help farmers improve their efficiency. Anheuser-Busch InBev, which holds a market cap of $143 billion and $54 billion in annual revenue, is looking to get into blockchain in a big way. On June 7, the publicly traded company announced an expansion of its Series A investment into BanQu, a Minnesota-based startup working to create blockchain products for global supply chains.

BanQu describes its targeted base of farmers, miners, and other workers as frequently overlooked in discussions of improving the efficiencies based on supply chains. BanQu describes this group as the ‘last mile’ of the chain, who often don’t qualify for bank accounts and are the mercy of expensive and inefficient middlemen to bring their raw materials to market. Anheuser-Busch InBev describes its investment into blockchain as returning to the roots of the technology. While blockchain has seen adoption by financial and tech goliaths such as Vanguard and IBM, AB InBev claims a desire to use blockchain to help the unbanked populations of the world. Maisie Devine, a director at Anheuser-Busch InBev, explained the company’s philosophy on

investing in blockchain,

“Through this work, we are helping to create a digital ledger of farmers’ transactions that will create an economic identity and enable access to financial services. This will ultimately allow farmers to grow their business and improve the livelihoods of their families and communities.”

Anheuser-Busch InBev joins the growing list of companies expanding into the sector of blockchain as a way to improve upon their existing technology. While some have maligned blockchain for its close association with crypto, others have found the technology preferential. AB InBev instead sees an opportunity to improve upon supply chains and provide for unbanked populations that stand to benefit the most from the improved transparency of the blockchain. The World Bank estimated that 1.7 billion people were unbanked in 2017, creating a substantial market for cryptocurrency and blockchain in the event the technology is able to reach mass adoption.

Ripple, the parent company to third-largest crypto XRP, has outlined their desire to work with countries such as India and Brazil that could benefit greatly from access to cheap and secure remittance. Stellar Lumens and XLM have also done substantial work as a nonprofit organization to provide for unbanked populations across the globe. While there are limitations in access and a great degree of complexity involved in blockchain and crypto, the technology can improve operations in regions of the world that have less accessibility to financial institutions. AB InBev and BanQu see an opportunity to both increases the transparency of supply chains moving goods around the world while also substantially reducing costs for those who already have limited access to funds.

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There are so many facets to Markethive, as it is a complete Market Network with a Social Media interface. It has everything you need to succeed in whatever it is that you do online, including the potential of extra revenue made available to *Entrepreneur One (E1) associates through the Banner Program. Our banner program is very innovative, where Markethive returns 100% of our ad-revenue back into your pocket. There have been 20+ years of high energy poured into Markethive. This is a Divine inspiration and places all of the members of Markethive first and foremost. 

AAA Real Estate

The banners slots in the Banner Program are AAA top of the page real estate and displayed on the complete Markethive Network which includes the many websites Markethive owns. This means your banners are viewed not just by members within Markethive, but also to the vast internet traffic and onlookers. 

Notably, the lower your Alexa Rank, No 1 being the top, the more expensive the banner advertisements. With Markethive’s ever-decreasing Alexa ranking (currently at 9,008) and since there are millions of sites ranked by Alexa, that’s way up there in terms of traffic,  plus a consistently increasing number of unique visitors and members at Markethive. Being an E1 member gives you ownership of a limited resource of the most prominent, sought after advertising spot in Markethive and makes this an exceptional lucrative opportunity. 

To give you an example, at Coinmarketcap, the banners are being sold for an average of $300,000+ a month. To break it down you will pay $16 per CPM (Clicks Per Mille = 1 Thousand Impressions) On average the estimated impressions for a top banner per month are 23,190,000. That works out to $371,056 per month.  Coinmarketcap currently sits at 593 on Alexa Ranking. 

Now let’s have a Markethive example. Let’s say the E1 is capped at 300 members. 165,000 unique visitors divided by 300 EP1s = 550 impressions on 1 page. The number of impressions into 50 pages per day would equate to 27,500 equalling 825,000 impressions per month. So if you had to pay a rate of say $10 per CPM, that would equal $8,250 a month for banner advertising expenses. 

Keep in mind these banners will be viewed on the complete Markethive Network and all other systems that we have, so the number of impressions any banner receives will be exponential. 

You will get this type of exposure for only $100 per month with the Entrepreneur One Upgrade. This part of the program is up and running now where you can create a banner and upload it via the Advertising page found in your profile settings. 

Very soon Markethive will be launching the Banner Exchange where any E1 member can create a Banner Ad business within the Markethive system by putting their unused Banner slots/impressions up for bid and being paid in MHV. If you have no need to use them yourself why not sell them?

The Banner Exchange 

The Banner Exchange, exclusive to the Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program where each E1 member receives an equal share of the total number of impressions from the massive traffic Markethive receives. 

We are now basically hitting 165,000 visits per day. Pageviews, (impressions) are nearly 25 million per month. With the very real possibility of the Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program closing at 300 members, that equals around 83,000 impressions allotted to each E1 loyalty member, who can then sell their unwanted impressions on the Markethive Banner exchange which is open to all Markethive members to purchase. At today’s impression value of .02 per impression, that equals a potential income just from the banners of $1,660 per month, with the potential be a lot more.

Coming soon, there will be a group in Markethive with a banner ad exchange panel/interface where all members can visit and view the banner slots, times and dates available, etc, that are up for bid. You can stipulate whatever price you see fit. Also, Markethive Coin (MHV) will be the only currency used to purchase the banner slots.

My guess is some people are saying “I have no use for the Banner Ad Program”. Or “I don’t use banners. I don’t have a personal business that requires banner advertising”  Being an Entrepreneur One Upgrade gives you the opportunity to have a Banner business and make a significant income. And this is apart from the ILP that is also included which is considered a legacy and a very lucrative living.


Are Impressions Important For Your Business?

Yes, they are the very foundation of the advertising process. They are important for branding campaigns. Awareness is created from impressions and continuing to drive impressions will be key to brand success. Increased impressions will lead to increased engagement and community size.

1. Impressions are the “eyes” that see your add. This could be as little as a three-second scroll in some cases.

2. Reach/Engagements involve some kind of interaction, usually. But the impression comes first.

3. Lastly, clicks, and/or actions are the most important. That is where your leads, and ultimately, your sales come from.

You can’t have reach or clicks without impressions first. Without impressions, which is the availability to view, there would be no clicks.


How Does The Banner Exchange Work?

The Bidder pays you for the banner slot. They will then upload their banner into your Banner Control System and the Markethive Admin will take the necessary steps to approve it.

Note: There are certain guidelines and qualifications that need to be followed when creating a banner: 

  • Ensure your banner is sized to 960px x 80px.
  • Use images with white or transparent backgrounds.
  • Fade any graphics to white that touch the banner edge.

If it doesn’t meet the qualifications. Markethive reserves the right to make changes to it. This will be free of charge as an Entrepreneur. 

So now you can sell your banner slots if you are not going to use them for your personal business. This is a limited resource to an ever-expanding market. The demand is only going to continue to increase.


A message from the CEO and Founder of Markethive Thomas Prendergast explaining the Banner Exchange Platform, with even bigger numbers and the comparisons of other sites in our industry.  


MHV Coin Velocity

If you’re wondering how the value of the Markethive Coin (MHV) is measured, here is a simple explanation of how the ecosystem works. The Banner Program is just one more way Markethive is increasing our coin velocity. The fact that we are a meritocracy, exponentially growing daily as a social network with all the marketing tools, gamification, and loyalty programs we have and are still implementing is ensuring the credibility, velocity, and ultimate success of the Markethive Ecosystem and its Universal Income. 

Many coins and tokens on the market have no velocity as they don’t have a real use case. All the services free and otherwise Markethive offers, increase the velocity, supply, and demand of the MHV coin. Utilizing the coin within Markethive for services and loyalty programs including but not limited to,

  • Faucets/Micropayments
  • Incentive Loan Program
  • Press Releases 
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Banner advertisement 
  • Banner Slot Bids
  • Boosting Posts
  • The Vault

By the very nature of MHV being a consumer coin, it’s not open to speculation like many other coins on the market. The benefits of being on the inside of Markethive transacting with MHV in its ecosystem are many, and while this is happening velocity and demand increase.  The added benefit is the Markethive Exchange and MHV being listed on 3rd party exchanges gives it liquidity. 


Come to the Markethive meetings held every Sunday at 10 am Mountain Time. The meetings hosted by the CEO, Thomas Prendergast, and CTO, Douglas Yates are live, relaxed, very inspiring and above all very transparent.  Stay informed about the massive undertaking and progress Markethive is making for the benefit of every Markethive member. The way Markethive is structured we have a lot to look forward to.  


The introduction of the Banner Exchange which is a great way to earn even more income is just one more reason to Upgrade to Entrepreneur One before it closes for good. This is very limited and once the Banner Ad Exchange Panel is released the E1 Loyalty Program along with the Banner Program offer ends to new members, but all existing and active E1s will have the Banner Program and income potential for life. Active meaning they are current and in good standing with their $100 per month subscription.  

As the Markethive community exponentially grows, the demand for Banner ads just internally will be huge and they will only be available from E1s. Keep that in mind as we approach 5 million, 50 million, 500 million or more.

If you’re not an E1 member you will still be able to benefit from the massive traffic Markethive produces by purchasing Banner impressions with MHV within the Markethive ecosystem from Entrepreneur One Associates. That in itself is a marketers’ dream to actually have traffic to their site.

There is still a little time to get your own lucrative banner business within your Markethive business by upgrading to the Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program. Ready to upgrade? Welcome aboard! Entrepreneur One Upgrade


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A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 



Chris Corey

Blockchain Collectibles Start Selling for big Money

Blockchain Collectibles Start Selling for big Money

Digital collectibles on the blockchain have proven to be of great value. So much even that actual collectors are willing to spend a fair bit of money on them.

For most, blockchain collectibles remain a niche market.

The Power of Blockchain Collectibles

While it provides a different flair, it is not necessarily something that makes people money. When it comes to NFTs, however, that situation may change fairly soon. This week, a collector bought the “EXCHANGE THE WORLD 2019” NFT created by Binance. The transaction was settled on the ethereum blockchain for a price of 29.8 ETH, or nearly $5,000 at today’s ether price. It is certainly interesting to see how these digital collectibles are changing hands for larger amounts of money.

One can also understand the appeal of completely owning a digital art object, something that hasn’t been possible until blockchain technology gained traction. It is worth noting that this asset created by Binance is not unique. A second token was still available at the time of writing for a price of 50 ether. Given the limited quantity, the price of these blockchain collectibles may increase if they would ever be resold. The question is whether any of the buyers will be inclined to do so. Blockchain collectibles serve no real purpose yet, but it is certainly an intriguing market for enthusiasts.

Article Produced By
JP Buntinx

Chris Corey

BlockFi Introduces Litecoin Support to Attract More Customers

BlockFi Introduces Litecoin Support to Attract More Customers

Litecoin remains one of the biggest altcoins on the market today. Albeit its market value might not reflect it per se, the ecosystem is still in a very good place overall.

In a recent development, the Litecoin Foundation partnered with BlockFi.

Another use Case for Litecoin Holders

To most people, that might not necessarily make much of a difference. In the real world, however, things are a bit different. BlockFii is a financial service provider leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. Its focus lies on wealth management products for cryptocurrency investors. With the addition of LTC, Litecoin investors can now earn interest on their holdings, as well as borrow against their LTC portfolio’s value. It is crucial for the crypto industry as a whole to tap into different financial services and products. It also provides LTC holders with more options to make the most of their holdings.

Given how Litecoin tends to disappear into the background during most crypto discussions, this development is rather interesting as a whole. As blockchain technology can unlock new financial products, it is crucial for top currencies to be supported by such providers at an early stage. BlockFi CEO and founder Zac Prince deems it to be a win-win for both parties. Attracting more users is always an ongoing challenge, thus it seems that BlockFi is on the right track.

Article Produced By
JP Buntinx

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